Does the FAFSA cover dorm, books and food?

What does the FAFSA pay for.

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    FAFSA does not pay for anything. FAFSA is the application that is used to determine which types of aid you are eligible for. These include grants, loans, and workstudy. Money received from these sources can be used for anything you want. The question is will you get enough money to cover all of those things? The answer to that question can only be answered after you've filled it out and received an EFC. It also depends on how expensive your school is. Going to a more expensive school doesn't guarantee you more money.

    If you qualify for the maximum amount of pell grant money, then it could fully cover tuition and books and you'd be offered loan money to pay for living expenses. However, if you're going to a private college that costs a lot of money then your aid will not even put a dent in the tuition let along pay for living expenses.

    Short answer - you can use that money you get for anything, but you may not qualify for enough money to pay for it all.

    Also, the financial aid will always pay your tuition first and then give you anything leftover.

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    Your be conscious for financial help in the process the college. You and your father and mother finished a sort noted as a FAFSA and placed up tax returns and distinctive information that the college requests. I recommend which you touch Liberty directly or use its internet internet site to be taught its costs and stumble on out approximately how lots help it could provide the time-commemorated scholar. it quite is obtainable which you will take loans to assist pay for coaching and out of pocket costs not lined by making use of scholarships and financial help. i don't recommend it, in spite of if, different than your destiny employment will grant sufficient income to repay the loans after graduation. it quite is in many circumstances perplexing indoors certainly one of those artwork you describe. church properties do not pay super salaries!

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