Louisiana vs. Kennedy court case. Please help!?

I'm doing a presentation on this trial and I need to have some questions for my audience to answer, any suggestions other than "Do you think he should have been given captial punishment?"

Thank you!

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    Kennedy versus Louisiana


    In 1977, the United States Supreme Court held in Coker v. Georgia that the death

    penalty was a disproportionate penalty for the offense of rape. Coker was convicted

    and sentenced to death for kidnapping and raping a sixteen-year-old girl at knifepoint.

    He had prior convictions for rape, murder, kidnapping and assault. In determining

    whether the death penalty was constitutional for rape, the Court looked to the actions of

    state legislatures, the actions of juries, and its own moral assessment of the penalty.

    rest can be found at link it's in pdf form so you can print it out.

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