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What kind of camera should I get?

I want to start photography, and I was wondering what kind of camera I could get?

I am very amateur ahaha, but of course, I want a camera that I can develop with [so don't suggest cameras that are easier to work with just because I haven't started] if you get what I'm saying?

I love cameras that focus well by the way ahah, if there are cameras that don't?

So I would love it if you guys could suggest cameras or brands, and why you like it [so I know =] and any extra comments or advice

It would also great if you knew an estimate of the price? :]

Also; any advice for photography in general?

Thanks lots =D

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    That really depends on what your planning to do.

    If you just want to take snapshots of you friends your probably best to get a simple point and shoot. i dont really have any suggestions here srry

    If you want to get into photography as a hobbie but dont have a lot of money to spend an upper level point and shoot like the cannon powershot SD 880 ($300) or the cannon G10 ($500 ish) probably the best point and shoot in my opinion but pretty expensive. make sure it has an optical viewfinder though

    if you want to get into serious photography and learn how to shoot like the pros your gonna need to get an SLR camera (single lens reflex). This kind of camera will teach you how to manually focus and how to use ISO, shutter speed and f-stop controls. SLR's have the added bonus of interchangeable lenses which is a must if you plan on doing serious photography. My current suggestion for the best cheap SLR is a Nikon D40 ($500 ish).

    Check out that site for reviews and suggestion on everything photography related.

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    If you want an DSLR then a Nikon D40 would work great to learn on if you don't need live view.

    Nikon D40 $394

    Sony A200 378$:

    Or the Sony A300 $478:

    Heres a web site for info on photography:

    Source(s): Me, got a Sony A300 from
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    I have a Sony Cyber-shot DSC H3,it takes great photo's & didn't cost too much.About $300.00. Example of cameras photo's can be seen on my profile page where there is a link to my flickr photo pages.

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    canon's and nikon's are really good for photographers. if you don't have the money for an slr, start out slow with a 35 mm film camera. that's what they usually have you start with anyways (i'm in school for photography)

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    Okay, U should get the lumix 10 megapixels...

    It is costly but totally worth it.

    It takes your pick really fast and has great quality :)

    U can buy it at best buy.

    And its around $200 or less

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    Nikon D60 or the D80 there are great deals on the D80 on amazon!

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    Sonys are really nice and i have had mine for 3 years and it is hasn't broke or froze or stopped working lol but im sure you would be really satisfied with it

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    nikon d70, i started with that, good starting camera and its cheap too, you can find one on craigslist for like 350

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    nikon d60, an slr for beginners. its one of the cheapest slrs on the market it's also a new model in the entry-level range. perfect for beginners

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