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Ever hear of that country cover band called Aces and Eights (something like that)?

I'm just curious if anyone can confirm if that's that country cover band's actual name. I mean, I saw them live about a year ago, and they were a good cover band. They also mentioned that they've played with some artists including Kenny Chesney.

Anyone know if Aces and Eights is their actual name or not?


mystic: Thanks for the info on the band--I appreciate it!

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    The rebirth of Aces & Eights has begun. Since 1986, the band has performed Top 40 Country Hits, Traditional Country & Western Swing to the delight of many audiences. Once a four member group which parted ways in 2001, Chris Fyfe, founding member of the group, has continued to perform the same music to an ever increasing fan base. Now Chris Fyfe will be billed under his own name, but his backup band will still be Aces & Eights. Right now the total number of band members stands at 7. A new photo will be posted once it is available. The band will be concentrating on larger venues, fairs, festivals, corporate gigs, and private events. Chris Fyfe and Aces & Eights is alive and kicking and soon to be coming to a location near you. Information will be posted here and on (White Pine Digital Studios) which is the promotional & management backing of the group. You can also visit for information on Chris's other events and gigs.

    Why this name?

    Wild Bill Hickcock was shot in the back holding a poker hand of Aces & Eights while playing at Nuttal & Mann's Saloon #10 in Deadwood South Dakota on August 2, 1876. The gamble that he took is relevant to the bands gamble at providing it's unique blend of music. The western setting of Wild Bill's untimely demise is also something of tradition to country. The "air" and "effect" of the history of "The Dead Man's Hand" (Aces & Eights) is something that intrigued the group and something they felt could be a marketable tool in the future.

    Do you play live?

    The group always stays booked at least 2 years in advance. They are in big demand and always play live. The group plays most types of venues, fairs, festivals, private functions, and some of the events are sponsored by themselves to raise money for charities. The band wouldn't have it any other way. They are planning some major events and already have significant bookings in 2007 TBA.

    Band History:

    Aces & Eights was formed in 1986 from the Gardiner Maine area. Chris Fyfe is a multi-award winning vocalist and performer. Having performed for over 30 years, he has continued to carry the tradition of Country Music in all forms. With the now 7 members, together the band makes a tremendous impact on audiences of all ages and are always sought after where ever they go.

    Your influences?

    Influences include Asleep at the Wheel, Merle Haggard, George Straight, Jim Reeves, and a host of others.

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