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Atalanta GREEK GODDESS! Help please?

How is Atalanta important to the Greeks?

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    Atalanta wasn't a Goddess.

    She was a beautiful woman who didn't want to marry because she was told by an oracle that she'd be ruined if she got married.

    So, she came up with the idea that whoever wanted to marry her had to outrun her in a race, or else die. When no one could, she finally had a suitor (Melanion or Hippomenes) who really loved her who she apparently loved back who succeeded because he threw three golden apples on the track and she stopped to pick them up.

    In some versions of the story, apparently they were turned into lions after they had sex in one of Zeus's temples.

    But anyway, that's pretty much it. She wasn't a Goddess.

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    she is not a goddess, just a hero

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    try to google it...

    that is what i just did...

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