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African clawed frogs? We recently got 2 albino african clawed frogs.?

They are both about an inch long. We have them in a 10 gallon tank with a duetto 50 submersible power filter. The water is always murky(cloudy) looking. Can someone tell me why and how to fix the problem.


No gravel they will eat it. it has sand and the whole set up is brand new

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    Sometimes you can find these little drops in the aquarium store (or aquarium section of a pet store) that will clear up water. I like to make sure my ACFs are out of the tank first, then once the water is cleared up, I let it filter for a few hours and put them back in. Hope this helps.

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    You probably need to change the filter catridge or do you have gravel? Gravel makes a huge diffrence.

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