wireless internet fails on mac laptop?

ok, os i got a new laptop,, its a mac, and i cant use our internet. we have a mac desktop downstairs, and the internet works well for that. but on my wireless laptop,, the status shows that i have full bars for internet, bu i still have to wait forever for a page to load, or for a page to show up at all.

last week i went to visit friends that live far away, and i used their secure network, and i got a perfect internet connection everytime i used it. m ypoint is that, could it be that my internet connection - which is secure - is terrible itself? if so , what do u recommend? if not, could u tellme what to try so i cn have a usable laptop?


Dell is unreliable - i had a dell latop right b4 this laptop, it was broken when i got it, and dell wasted my time teaching me how to fix it step by step - which btw did not help, and then they didnt want to give me my money back, until of coure i raised hell with the loyal help of american express, thank u very much.

Update 2:

it's a descent on the big mac(it has to be retarted every once in a while bc it freezes), its on cable, and i can be next to the big mac w my laptop and it's still just as slow...the farthest i get from it is a floor, where there is still only a wall in btwn, im just higher.

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    I love apple, I am writing this on a mac at the moment, don't listen to the anti apple people. It could be a few things, though you might have good strength for your wireless connection you might still be getting interference from something else (microwave, portable phone, neighbors internet). The first step is to change the channel on the wireless router and see if the connection improves. there are 11 channels in the 2.4ghz spectrum that are used for internet. The most commonly used one is 7 or 11, so login to the router and try to select 2 or 9. For directions on changing the channel or logging into the router, check the user guide for your router. If that does not help the next thing I would check is wireless security, make sure your network is secured, if not someone else (neighbor ect.) might be using your internet connection and slowing it way down for you. Last thing to check is DNS, make sure that you have entered the correct DNS server address into the wireless router, verify this with your internet provider. If you have the wrong DNS address it can cause your computer to not be able to find some pages on the internet. if all else fails you can always call apple or your router maker and see if they have any suggestions. Hope this helps :)

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    does the connection run that slow on ur other computer? also is that computer hardwired or wireless? additionally, when using the laptop how close to the router are you? and are there alot of walls or objects between you and the wireless router? if the internet runs fast and without problem on the other computer, then it could be theres to much interference between you and the router, it is also possible that (depending on the type of router) someone has enacted a bandwith limitation on it when on wireless (can happen by accident sometimes) there are other possible reasons but these are sometimes the most common... i hope this helps and if you have anything else, let me kno :)

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    Macs are the most evil creation known to mankind

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    return it and get a dell

    macs suck

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