What is the Gospel of Mary Magdalene?

what is the myth surrounding it? do you think it is real, why or why not?


by real, I ask if you believe it was Mary Magdalene who wrote it or not?

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    In common with The Gospel of Phillip, The Dialog of the Savior and Pistis Sophia, in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene we can see that Mary Magdalene is the disciple who had the *closest* relationship with Yeshua. (This is in response to your question, "what is the myth surrounding it?") She was his "best student," the one who was most interested in learning the most, *did* learn the most, asked the most meaningful Questions, & was doubtlessly given personal *private* instruction, too -- relative to which the male disciples were jealous, because that kind of favor wasn't being shown to *them*. But Mary could understand things that the male disciples could *not* understand. All these works reveal Peter's antagonism towards her -- as does the last saying in The Gospel According to Thomas (which is representative of the antagonism of what became orthodox Christianity against the Gnostic Christians).

    i would say that the Gospel of Mary Magdalene is a "real gospel" in the sense that it records & conveys authentic spiritual teachings in the Spirit of Christ.

    We must remember that Jesus promised (Jn. 14:16) that the Holy Spirit, the Counsellor Divine -- would be sent to those who *loved* Yeshua *forever* -- to guide them. When orthodox Christianity was shutting *out* the Holy Spirit (to elevate their priestcraft above others, as intercessors *between* those who loved Christ & the Higher Divine), & like the Pharisees, was focussing on the recorded words of men, that they later canonized, the Gnostics were still listening to & being guided by the Holy Spirit. Lacking the Guidance of the Living Spirit, orthodoxy (& fundamentalism) has made all the Further Revelations of the Living Spirit "heretical".

    i don't believe that *this* "Gospel of Mary Magdalene" was actually written by the historical MM, tho it may preserve some oral teachings from her -- & an authentic insight into the animosity on the part of Peter & others *towards* her.

    Scholarship claims the first section is an exegesis of Romans 7. i just don't believe that MM was in the "loop" to be reading Paul's Epistles, & commenting upon them. She very possibly fled, initially, to Egypt (Alexandria had Jews who had settled there, Essenes...) -- & maybe gave birth to a daughter there. It seems most probable to me that she ended up in France. i have no doubt that she *wrote* (she had been a well-to-do woman, afterall, she was one of the women *supporting* Jesus's ministry! -- & was doubtlessly in the very small minority of women who *could* read & write -- whereas disciples like Peter & Andrew *couldn't*; fishermen were not *educated*!) -- but if copies of *what* she wrote have survived, it does not appear they have been discovered, yet. Most likely what she wrote was preserved by the Cathars. Thus it is remotely possible that copies of some of what she wrote exist in the Vatican archives -- preserved from when the Roman Catholics eradicated the Cathars, burned most of their so-called "heretical" scriptures (because those scriptures did not support the authority of the RC Church). It remains remotely possible that not every copy of *all* the Cathar scriptures were burned -- but that some were simply *stolen* from the victims of a religion that antiChristically was *not* "doing unto others as they would have done unto themselves".

    "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene" by Jean-Yves Leloup is a book i recommend *most* highly. It provides a variant translation of this gospel & a detailed exegesis upon it, which, to my view, is definitely InSpirited. Many times it is like the Spirit of Christ is lucidly explaining exactly what is *meant* in this gospel, thru Jean-Yves LeLoup.

    Personally, i most highly recommend "The Secret Gospel of Mary Magdalene" as recorded by Tau Malachi (which fully complements "The Gospel According To Thomas" & "The Gospel of Phillip") above & beyond the ancient Gnostic Gospel of Mary, for the inSpiritedness of its Teachings -- which can be accessed here:


    Just a couple days ago i ran across information as to the existence of a book entitled "The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene" by Margaret Bailey and Clair Nahmad, which i intend to seek out, when i can afford a copy. The Gnostic "Gospel of Mary Magdalene" has only 8 of 18 pages, surviving (at least in copies discovered sofar; i have heard of another copy yet-to-be-found) -- & in this book they claim to be providing what was in the missing pages. (i read a similar claim from a woman who doesn't want me to *ever* mention her Name again -- who posted her "missing pages" channeling at one of the Yahoo MM lists -- & it did not impact upon me as being "authentic" in any sense! *Maybe* what is in this book will be more believable! ;) . )

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    Hi there..well there ain't no such thing Mary Magdalene was a prominent figure during the time of Jesus she did follow Christ as many did she never wrote any book there are people that wrote about her making it sound like a gospel the bible does say that were ever the gospel is preached they will also know about Mary Magdalene..allot of people presume that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a relationship going on which by no means is true the purpose of Jesus was to be a sacrifice for the sins of man not to get personal with a woman after Mary was delivered by Jesus she be came one of his disciples as many did and still are...

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    considering how much of it remains it is an interesting read, it has similar elements to the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Judas. I believe that the Gospel of Mary is as real as any Gospel, in my mind it is closer to the true spiritual teachings of Jesus than the four canonized Gospels. Even if it was written down much later.

    Here is a link for the gospel of Mary


    No I don't believe She did write it no more than I believe the Disciples wrote theirs, they didn't because most of them couldn't write, not even Peter.

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    there's a Gospel fo Mary Magdalene. It grew to become into got here upon at Nag Hamadi in 1968. It grew to become into between the books very actually ignored of the Bible on the Council of Nicea. It actually contradicts the thought that we desire a pope or priest to bypass to God. in actuality, it says that we can bypass to God for my area. of direction, the church won't be able to have that training obtainable. that should decrease into their substantial salary.

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