How much Homework AP Biology, AP US history, AP English III?

Next year I am planningon taking AP Biology, AP US History, and AP English III. Along with Spanish IV and Pre-Calc. How many hours of homework should I expect to get? I run track during the winter and spring.

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    That's going to be a lot of work. I'm a junior and currently taking Spanish 4, Pre Calc, AP US, and honors english (which is worse than the ap class) and chemistry.

    Most of the year i had 3 to 5 hours of homework, then some nights like the last few weeks i have had less than 10 minutes of homework. You're probably going to have A LOT of summer work too for all those ap classes, so if you want time to relax at night and have an actual summer then i wouldn't suggest taking all of those classes in the same year.

    It might be harder to get good grades if you take all those classes too because pre calc is a hard class and AP US is brutal unless u have an extremely easy teacher, so you'll have less time to concentrate on each class. Hope i helped!

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  • 4 years ago

    Take Pre-Cal BC next year, take AP Stat over the summer, and finally take Calculus BC Senior year. Why do that? Because your first year of college will probably be Calculus, so you want to have calculus on your mind, and you'll be prepared for senior year. That's what I did. You seem like you'd make it straight into Rice and Baylor. I went to high school in Texas (LISD), went to UT for freshman year, transferred to USC (not South Carolina, it's Southern California FYI), and now I'm on break from Stanford in my junior year. I took all AP courses my junior and senior year of high school, however I only took AP WH in sophomore year. My advice is to have some fun while in high school, because college isn't the place for that. You're only in high school once, so enjoy it. Don't just focus on school. People wonder why I got accepted into Stanford with a small scholarship with only a 5.3 GPA in high school (6th in my class), and a 3.7 (it's out of 4 points in Cal) in college. What you have to do is ask what you are going to do that is different. I asked myself that. I did something different (I have my reasons for not stating what I had done). It stood out. I haven't been denied to any colleges yet (although Harvard will probably ruin my streak, so I wont apply). ANYWAYS, be yourself. Don't rely on my jibberish or anybody else's (excuse me my fellow yahoo answer-ers). All that matters is what you think. How you feel. If you want to take AP Stat, go for it. Take AP Trig for crying out loud! No one is stopping you. Think of your dreams, now make it your reality. I wanted to be an corporate lawyer that speaks 6 languages because I wanted to impress everybody. Now I'm en route to being a politician that speaks 5. That's because I love leading. I don't want to work for a company. I want to guide people with my own free will. I'm sorry for talking on and on about myself and irrelevant things (unless you find them relevant...I sure do), and my apologies for being confusing at some points. Be a musician if you really want to. Ask yourself, "if I do this and die after a month of doing it, would I be happy or regretful?" You don't want to leave this world without being happy with everything. My word, I have so much to say! Sadly, I have very little time. It's movie night so I best be leaving soon. If you're confused, or need ANY advice or help, just state that and I will gladly send you emails. One last thing! Ask me about D= S-M and H= S+M if you really want to know what it is about. It looks like you're using the equation every human should follow, however does not (that is H= S+M). I hope you enjoy your high school career. Do what you feel. Love what you do. If you don't, none of it is worth it in the end. Have a grand sophomore year :-)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well you wont have a life i will tell you that . If you are really determined to do well in those classes no problem but if your just doing them because other people are doing them then get out. But a recommend you take those classes over taking the regular course load.

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  • yeah I suggest you dont take so many ap classes, unless you wanna be stuck home the whole weekend and weekdays till midnight.

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