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Is this a fair trade in a keeper league (baseball)?

Jose Guillen, Rich Harden, Andy Pettite


Matt Kemp, Jake Peavy, Orlando Cabrera, Ubaldo Jimenez

If need be, I can take Jimenez out of the trade. I'm proposing this trade and giving up the first group of players listed. I haven't proposed it yet and want to see if it's fair first.

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    i highly doubt that the other person will accept this trade, matt kemp is going to have a monster year, and hes going to be good for a long time. Jake peavy still has many cy young caliber years ahead of him. it doesnt seem fair for the other guy.

  • 4 years ago

    why in the international might you commerce kemp (could be a 25HR 35 scouse borrow guy) peavey a delusion ACE orlando cabara a solid delusion shortstop and jimenez who could be some thing some day for jose guillien who's solid yet no longer something speccial andy petttit who's likley going to retire quickly and harden he has shown no longer something yet i purely dont get it

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