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Is this a fair trade for a keeper league (baseball)?

Jose Guillen, Rich Harden, Andy Pettite


Matt Kemp, Jake Peavy, Orlando Cabrera, Ubaldo Jimenez

If need be, I can take Jimenez out of the trade. I'm proposing this trade and giving up the first group of players listed. I haven't proposed it yet and want to see if it's fair first.

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  • Henry
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    Its not a fair trade at all. Harden is the only player both anything for the 1st group. Guillen is average at best and Pettite is done.

    Kemp may be huge this year in many catagories, Peavy is still a top 7 pitcher and the other two will contribute.

    Good luck

  • EOTW
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    why on earth would you trade kemp (could be a 25HR 35 steal man) peavey a fantasy ACE orlando cabara a solid fantasy shortstop and jimenez who could be something some day for jose guillien who is solid but nothing speccial andy petttit who is likley going to retire soon and harden he has proven nothing yet i just dont get it

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    i personally would do it - harden is a major injury risk, and pettite is old and on the decline, surprised he hasn't retired

    also, you're getting kemp, he has a lot of potential, improving steals and homeruns over his early career is a good thing. furthermore, peavy is a true fantasy ace pitcher, he's very consistent, and while he did have an injury last year, he does not carry the same risk as harden

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is an easy win for you. I give you much props if u can pull this off. Go ahead and do it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would not do the trade.

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