Sony Playstation 3 or Microsoft Xbox 360?

Which do you think is an overall better gaming council?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's simple isn't it? PS3 is the answer.

    Features: PS3 kicks 360's as* here. Yes it's expensive, but by just paying 100$ more, one gets Blu-Ray, Wifi, chargeable remotes working on bluetooth, better exterior, FREE online...

    Games: Currently, 360 has more games cause it was released a year earlier. But in terms of quality games, both have equal numbers of them. 360 has Halo whereas PS3 has Killzone 2, 360 has Gears 2, PS3 has MGS4.... But if you ask me which will eventually have better games, then the answer is PS3.

    Sony is and will continue to win the exclusives battle due to their first party exclusives. This is where Sony is seriously out classing M$. Since this generation started M$ has been losing first party studios like Bungie and Bizarre while Sony has added studios under their umbrella such as Guerrilla and Evolution. Sony is smart, instead of wasting tons of cash on timed exclusive deals for third party games they've invested that cash into their first party studios that will make games that will ALWAYS be on systems named Playstation. I heard that Sony has more studios under their roof than M$ and Nintendo combined. With studios like Guerrilla, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital, Team Ico, etc. making first party titles for Sony you know that their systems will always have quality games.

    sony has upcoming exclusives like Infamous(A GTA kind game, but you have super powers!!!), MAG(support 256 online!!!), GOD OF WAR 3(Do I have to say anything.. biggest game ever!!), Quantum Theory(a TPS like Gears), Uncharted 2(will be bigger than the first one. It will also have better graphics than KZ2!!), GT5 (again the best racing game on full HD!!),FF vs 13 (though FF13 is multi-plat, vs 13 is still a PS3 exclusive and FF titles do rock). This when compared to 360's line up which consists of Halo:OSTD, Alan Wake and Ninja Gaiden 2(EDIT: NG2 isn't a 360 exclusive, it's been announced for the PS3 as well a few days back) , is a juggernaut.

    So I feel, Sony has the edge over the games department.

    Online: 360 has better online I must admit. I personally prefer my 360 over PS3 in online. But the PSN is getting better day by day and offering more and more features with every update. Also, PS3 ONLINE is absolutely FREE unlike the 360 which charges 50$ annually. Though, 360 is better at online, PS3 isn't far away.

    Reliability: Again a place where PS3 blows the 360 out of the water. I own a 360 and the thing has broken 3 times till date whereas my PS3 which ironically is a year older to my 360 is working well. So, again PS3 wins here.

    So overall, PS3 wins according to me. It just gives so much more than a 360. It just a matter of time when Sony announces a price cut and then the PS3 would be some what affordable. But, if I am going to spend approx 300$ on a console (please don't tell that arcade costs 250 cause there isn't even a drive in it), I would consider shelling 100$ more and getting the PS3 cause it's future proof

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  • 4 years ago

    Why not just go on Wiki or something and read about each of htem and compare the options yourself? Short answers though, PS3 has Playstation Network which is free, but Xbox Live is a little better - you get what you pay for. The PS3 comes with FREE Wi-Fi adapter, on the 360 you pay $100 for it. The PS3 uses Blu-Ray, the 360 still uses the old DVDs. That isn't just about room on the disc that is also about next gen of "DVDs", although it's getting more about online. PS3 avatars don't look as retarded, they look like people. Just saying those 360 things look stupid, not really a big detail in the systems. I have both systems. I say it's about your preference in games. They both have decent games but if you add up real costs of the two systems you are paying just as much to get a 360 to the level the PS3 comes on. Even if you don't want the wi-fi adapter it's nice to have it built in to the PS3.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Xbox 360 all the way!!! They have almost the same graphics, the 360 has so many more good games, Xbox live is the best thing in the world and all the ps3 has is graphics. And the Blu- ray player will crash or break I have been told. Trust me Xbox live is the best!!! Get a 360.

    Source(s): I have an xbox 360, they are the BEST!!!!
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  • 1 decade ago

    Playstation doesent have the best games BUT it has Kick butt graphics also if you dont have an HD tv your screwed. The Xbox 360 has great games and not bad graphics.

    So unless you have 500$ to dish out for the PS3 then id go with the Xbox360

    And the PS3 has a blu ray player

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ps3 man.

    I just bought one and I'm Soooo happy with it.

    + Killzone 2 just came out which is aswome and only for PS3. + Blueray for ps3 not on 360

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