Democratic Party on Physician-Assisted Suicide?

Are there any articles, websites, or any other sources of information of the Democratic Party's point of view on Physician-Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia?

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    In May 2008, 64-year-old retired school bus driver Barbara Wagner received bad news from her doctor. She found out that her cancer, which had been in remission for two years, had returned. Then, she got some good news. Her doctor gave her a prescription that would likely slow the cancer's growth and extend her life. She was relieved by the news and also by the fact that she had health care coverage through the Oregon Health Plan.

    It didn't take long for her hopes to be dashed.

    Barbara Wagner was notified by letter that the Oregon Health Plan wouldn't cover her prescription. But the letter didn't leave it at that. It also notified her that, although it wouldn't cover her prescription, it would cover assisted suicide.

    After Wagner's story appeared in the Eugene Register-Guard, the Oregon Health Plan acknowledged that it routinely sends similar letters to patients who have little chance of surviving more than five years, informing them that the health plan will pay for assisted suicide (euphemistically categorized as "comfort care"), but not for treatment that could help them live for months or years.

    Certainly, spending $100 for deadly drugs is cost effective. And, ever since the Oregon Death with Dignity Act transformed the crime of assisted suicide into a "medical treatment" more than ten years ago, it has been perfectly legal. Oregon doctors prescribe lethal overdoses of drugs. Pharmacists dispense them, sometimes with instructions to "take all of this with a light snack and alcohol to cause death." Patients die after taking them.!~!

    Assisted Suicide

    Association's (AMA) official stance on pain care and assisted suicide. ... was thwarted last year by Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat who feared ...

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    In Oregon and Washington State the Democratic Party STRONGLY supports it. Both states now have it.

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    The other answers were good, but it's not so much a party issue. Some repubs support the issue, also.

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