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Can i play sims2 on my laptop?

its a compaq 17" widescreen. it has 3 gigs, and i only use this for leisure, not nessesarily for school, because of the classes i am taking. (im in grade 11)i own sims 2, sims 2 university, night life, h&m stuff. i had it loaded onto the main computer at my house, but un installed it because we are trying to clean it of viruses, and it is now my brothers, since my mom got a laptop.

These arent new games. ive played them for years, they work fine. its just im wondering if i can play them all on my laptop? i have sims 2 life stories that was pre loaded on my computer, but since my computer is a wide screen, it makes it super stretched. is there anything i can do to fix it? is it okay for a laptop to have sims? what do u do?

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    If your computer meets the games system requirments it should be able to play the game, its best to run the game on low detail and settings for a laptop for smooth game play.

    If your cd is scrached try downloading the game off the internet or if your game is already on your computer, Download a cracked icon that will make your computer think you have the disk in your computer.

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    saying your laptop has 3gb of RAM, i can assume it's of high specs (you can check it by checking properties of My Computer (right click it), i can say you can play Sims smoothly.

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