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Do you want Obama to fail?

If so: Why? I disagree with Obama's policies. When I add everything up: I do not see how it can work in helping the economy. But do I wish him to fail? NO! I don't want him to fail, because that means we fail as a nation. I voted for John McCain, but the majority chose Obama to be president. I do hope that Obama does succeed. I really do! Thats no lie. I hope I am truly wrong about his policies. But when I add everything up: I just don't see how its gonna work. I respectfully disagree on alot of his policies. But I think wishing failure on the President of the United States is simply wrong regardless of who is in charge. I mean, I don't want to see another Great Depression!


How am I contradicting myself If I say I might be wrong about his policies? I'm not a politician! These people are supposed to know what they are doing. I am simply saying that I personally cannot see how it can work! But, I could be wrong. Is it a sin to admit you could possibly be wrong in America? Sure! I would rather see McCain in charge. But thats over with.

Update 2:

Well, what can I do about it? I voted! And I always have voted republican, and always will! Thats all I can do. Our vote is the only thing that counts. Its not like I can go to Washington and force Obama to change his mind. The only thing I can do is hope and pray that its a success.

Update 3:

Well, I want no part of socialism, or communism. And about 90% of the US feels the same way. Obama says that he is not a socialist. Some have said that his policies say otherwise. But Which is worse? Socialism, or America becoming a 3rd world country? I hope neither happens.

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    If you had someone hell bent on advancing socialist policies in the United States of America, do you really think if ask if he is a socialist that he would admit to it and say..yes, I'm a socialist...NO....of COURSE he is going to deny that he is a socialist...but LOOK AT WHAT HE IS DOING IN ONLY THE FIRST 60 DAYS OF HIS TERM!!!....Don't fall for this PC idiocy!!....he is putting us on the FAST LANE TO SOCIALISM...jambing it right down our throats so fast we don't have time to even digest what is happening to us..he is in the process of socializing many of our banks, our major manufacturing companies, and the crown jewel will be SOCIALIZED HEALTH CARE..he has taken control of our treasury and is committing the greatest heist in human history...and many nieve Americans just yawn and worry about who the next American Idol will be......Obama's agenda IS SOCIALISM....he is taking us in that direction ON PURPOSE!!!! YES I PRAY HE FAILS!!!!....sorry if I'm not PC enough for most of you sheeple Americans...WAKE UP AMERICA!!

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    Your premise is incorrect. Our Founders specifically created a three branch, co-equal government for the expressed purpose of seeing to it, that:

    A) A President can fail and not make the entire Nation fail and

    B) To see to it that a President does fail when he deserves to fail.

    The United States is a government of the People, by the People and for the People. It is not dependent on any one man nor on one Party. What President Obama and the Democrat Majority in Congress are seeking to do is just so wrong on so many levels it absolutely MUST fail. This country cannot survive otherwise.

    As it is, the "Stimulus Bill" brought spending to unprecedented levels, followed by a massively pork loaded, 9,000 earmarked Omnibus Bill and now do you realize that Turbo-Tax Tim Geitner is proposing another trillion dollars in spending?

    You can hope America does not become a Socialist Nation or Third World Country all you wish. If Obama succeeds that is exactly what will happen. HE MUST FAIL if America has any hope of succeeding.


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    The people that want President Obama to fail hate HIM period and everything about him from his color and on down the list. Why can't people see that?! They don't give a sh....t about the country "failing with him" if he fails, it's all a personal beef that they have with the man Obama! And don't tell me that his color has nothing to do with it either. The BS that's going on now was NEVER done with any other President. No other President's color (or lack of) was ever ranted about like it is now. They were called stupid or dumb, but there weren't any racist related avatars put up about them like there are right here on YA! No Irish, jokes made about them, no rants about certain foods that they ate, none of that! This BS all happened when Obama got elected! Now I guess that you're going to tell me "I don't see it" like a lot of you do around here. But unless you're legally blind (which I know that you're not), you are lying if you say that you don't see it here.

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    Yes, I pray that he fails miserably in his mission to destroy the US of A.

    During the Election I kept asking what EXACTLY was the change that Obama wanted to bring to AMERICA. No one had an answer but would exclaim that you were a racist simply by saying NO to Obama.

    Now we know what the change is all about:

    Economic distress,

    turning our back on traditional allies (Israel),

    snubs another ally (England),

    changing policy on Illegal Immigration (Pelosi says that Illegals are Patriotic and ICE is BAD -- HELLO!?!),

    failing to protect our airliners as they fly through the air (re permits for Armed commercial pilots)...

    The list goes on.

    As for Patriotism and some clowns thinking that we have to kowtow a President and wish him well as he continues actions that are a TRAVESTY to the Documents called the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I am not going to cheer on Obama as he destroys our economy by throwing MORE tax payer IOU into a BLACK HOLE like AIG.

    Have they suspended the 1st Amendment, yet? NO. I am allowed to question my leaders, it is an INHERENTLY American privilege.

    My guess is that when the current administration gets around to it, they will strangle the 2 party system. Do you know what comes after that?

    1. Suspension of selecting candidate from the general population but from a 'recommended candidates list'.

    2. Political Commissars assigned to our military units and around the country advising military commanders and civil leaders on policy.

    3. Qualifying voters by political beliefs.

    Wait a second.... This has happened BEFORE!

    1919 - Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the advent of the Soviet Union.

    1933 - Nazi party takes over Germany.

    Source(s): Y'all could have had a PIT BULL in the White House had you written my name in and YET you settled for the Chihuahua. Obama-addicts need a 12 Step program!
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    I've heard a lot about him being a Catholic, or Christian convert, and im not really to fond of Muslim views at all, wanting to convert every living person to be Muslim is just what Hitler wanted to do, so in a way i kind of hope he fails. And plus he has none of his own policies whatsoever, which is just making him a puppet to whoever wants different policies.

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    I want Obama to fail! I do not want his policy for "change" to have any more effect on America. This does not mean I want America to fail. I have as many generations of my family have proudly served in armed forces of this nation. So the last thing I want is to see the way of life I have defended as my sons are now, will cease to exist. America will not ever become a third world country. Every one who voted for Obama even those I would consider comatose voted with their hearts instead of their minds and checkbooks they fell to the siren's song of class envy, eat the rich attitude. Obama is not incorrect that we need change, Just not his change.

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    This is a loaded question. I hope BO doesn't succeed at a number of things he is trying to do. Wishing for BO to fail at something is not synonymous with wishing the country to fail. For example HR1388 (which is backed by BO and he talked about it in some speeches) calls for taking school age children, putting them in government uniforms, having them stay on government "campuses", and "training" them about service to the country. Sounds like something right out of the Communist Russian Young Pioneers movement to me. It's an indoctrination program. I hope the Bill fails miserably before the government comes looking for my children so it can "train" them about service to the country.

    BO has a lot of rotten ideas and they deal with far more then the economy.

    The President is just one man and only represents one of the three branches of government. With any luck smarter heads will prevail and the other two branches will steer our country to where it needs to be despite BO.

    I'm an independent conservative. I voted for McCain because I felt I had to in order to try to stop this country from making a terrible mistake. The voters made it anyway and now we have to get through it.

    Source(s): Liberalism is a mental disorder.
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    I hope he sees the error of his ways and reverses course before it is too late.

    The problem is that even if he does so there is a good chance that the democrat congress will simply ignore him and spend as much as they want.

    This is exactly what happened to Carter. Most people don't realize that Carter ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility. However, he had a weak, appeasing, personality and the democrat congress ran right over him and spent as much as they wanted. This congress is even stronger and obama looks even weaker so the odds of him slowing this madness down, even if he wants to, are not good.

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    I'm a Republican I don't want Obama to fail.

    But it's his policies that will fail. He's doing exactly what we should not be doing.

    You can't keep grabbing into the pockets of the people who create the jobs. When you take away the incentive to hire you create dependence on Government. All people should be independent.

    with out Government intervention.

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    He WILL fail and frankly I'm amazed any of you still believe in your corrupt political system...

    The public show is just for naive American voters who don't understand:

    1. The crash is planned.

    2. The NWO bankers really do run America and the world because they print the money...

    If YOU were in the business of printing money you can buy anything you want, media corporations, politicians - ANYTHING!

    They are just looking for credible reasons to introduce a one world government and send in their troops and police to disarm their people.

    The word you are looking for is actually fascism, because socialism is not about corporate rule - they WANT violent revolution so they can enforce military rule!

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