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瑞豐 asked in 旅遊其他 - 目的地 · 1 decade ago

美國跳蚤市場(flea market) (20點!!)

在美國一般的跳蚤市場(flea market)

1. 果度有咩賣? 人流多唔多? 去跳蚤市場(flea market)的通常係咩人, 佢地為咩而去跳蚤市場(flea market)?

2. 果度的貨品有幾平? 請提供例子, 例如, 一條無牌子的連身裙(質地一般)幾多錢美金? 一條水晶手鏈幾多錢? 一對有花款的銀耳環幾多錢?

3. d 攤擋的佈置需唔需要好靚?? 洗唔洗要有好多貨先可以吸引人來睇?? 如果個攤又有飾品, 又有日用品, 會唔會貨種太雜唔討好??

4. 而家個金融海潚會唔會令到佢地而家係 flea market 買少左野? 定係反而會因為 flea market 的貨品平所以買多左野?

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    1 decade ago
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    1. flea market has 2 types, indoor and outdoor.

    indoor will open 7 days a week or few days a week.

    outdoor ( of course in warm season time ) will open only in weekend.

    most time. weekend is busy time.

    why people shop there? cheap price and may have some rare products lor.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago



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