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2.對於貴公司之機器相當感興趣,我們位於台灣地區是否可以代理該機器? 或者成為經銷商? 或者是可以直接購買該機器?

3.若可以代理,其代理條件為何? 有何限制?(包含所需費用) 

4.成為經銷商的條件為何? 有何限制? (包含所需費用)

5.若可購買機器,機器售價為何? 最小訂購量為多少?

6.代理或購買機器是否需連帶購買貴公司食材? 最小訂購量為多少? 或者可以不需要購買食材,由我們自行 生產製作?







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    Could you please provide your machine's details specification to study?

    2.對於貴公司之機器相當感興趣,我們位於台灣地區是否可以代理該機器? 或者成為經銷商? 或者是可以直接購買該機器?We are interested in your machines. We would like to be your sole agent in Taiwan. Perhaps, we can as your distribution or buy your machine directly.

    3.若可以代理,其代理條件為何? 有何限制?(包含所需費用)We should be glad to know that you have agreed to our proposal and on what terms you are willing to conclude an agreement, included any condition or expense?


    4.成為經銷商的條件為何? 有何限制? (包含所需費用)

    We should be grateful to know that if we can to be your distribution and on what terms you would be willing to make an agreement, included any limit and expense?

    5.若可購買機器,機器售價為何?最小訂購量為多少?What price for your machine if we can buy it? What is your minimum quantity per order?

    6.代理或購買機器是否需連帶購買貴公司食材?最小訂購量為多少? 或者可以不需要購買食材,由我們自行 生產製作?

    If it is necessary to buy your foodstuff if we purchase your machine? What's your minimum quantity per order? Or, we can make food by ourselves, don't need purchase it from you?

    7.食品的利潤多少?What is the profit for your food products?


    How to train our member to operate the machine?


    How to repair the machine?


    Finally, if there are any cooperative patterns for reference?

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    1.Whether your firm can the detailed material be possible to provide the related machine the reference?

    2.Is quite interested machine of regarding your firm, we located at Taiwan area whether can act this machine? Or becomes the dealer? Or is may purchase this machine directly?

    3.If may act, its proxy condition why? Has what limit? (contains necessary expense to use)

    4. Why becomes dealer's condition?Has what limit? (contains necessary expense to use)

    5.If may purchase the machine, machine selling price why? Smallest order quantity for how many?

    6.The proxy or purchases the machine whether to need association purchase your firm to eat the material? Smallest order quantity for how many? Perhaps may not need to purchase the food material, produces the manufacture voluntarily by us?

    7.Food profit how many?

    8.How should train the personnel to operate this machine?

    9.How to service?

    10.Finally, whether there is can other cooperation pattern supply the reference?


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