If America begins to use energy sources other than oil, what happens to the countries that depend on oil...?

What happens to these incredibly populated, oil revenue dependent countries? If we spend 750bil a year on oil imports what happens when we turn off the spigot in the next 5 to 10 yrs or sooner? The ramifications are almost unfathomable. Do we expect Russia to change their economy so quickly. Will we let the middle east starve? This is the delema of our time. Oil has built so many lives all over the world and within a matter of a few years it will end. Apocalyptic indeed.

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    I have heard experts talking about "peak oil" so these countries have started preparing for oil to run out or the demand to diminish. Tourism is their main aim at the moment.

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    You raise a very interesting question but I must say pretty I much agree with those that say it is unrealistic to expect that we could turn off the spigot anytime soon. Certainly not in 5 to 10 years. I think we would be lucky if we could do it in 25. And given the growth in oil usage, particularly among the developing countries (China, India, etc.), our reduction of oil use will be mostly if not totally offset by their incredible growth. If you have been to China, you know what I mean... millions of people who are just beginning to get a taste of buying power and modern amenities. And while electric and other alternative technologies for cars are emerging, oil based products and other transportation uses are still going strong.

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    I don't think that lack of demand for oil is a problem that those countries need to worry about. I think it is incredibly unrealistic to assume that we will "turn off the spigot" in the next ten years. If the US uses altwernative energy resources, imports of foreign oil may gradually decline over the coming decades, not stop immediately in a few years. Plus, there are enormous markets in emerging economies they can sell to.

    A much more realistic problem for those countries is not that people are going to stop using oil, but that oil resources will be used up - production will decline. There is no doubt that that is going to happen. Then, hopefully, those countries will have invested their oil profits wisely to develop their human capital and their economies in other directions. Some small Middle East countries are already developing their tourist industries in anticipation of not being able to rely on oil forever.

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    I don't think so -- the spigot is going to turn off sooner or later, and if we use less, that means there's more for the countries who need to depend on oil a little longer.

    Also, if the US develops non-oil energy technologies, then it can sell it to the rest of the world, and we all benefit. (-: Although, I think it's slightly more likely that Japan or China (who are relatively energy-starved) are going to come up with the ideas first, and make the world a better place.

    (P.S. I was just reading in this month's The Atlantic about a Chinese company that has come up with a great battery for cars that replaces gasoline. So, the solutions are coming up.)

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    No matter what we do in terms of new energy sources, we will not be free of oil anytime soon. It is simply too useful, not only for fuel but also for the production of plastic, lubrication, and a host of other things. The cost to switch over to another fuel would also be huge, as we would have to put a similar infrastructure in place for the new fuel as we currently have for oil. There are probably going to be some applications that we simply cannot realisticly switch over to other sources in a short period of time. Jet engines, for example, can only take a high quality version of gasoline, and I don't think they can easily be converted to use something else. Finally, think about the millions of things that use oil, there is no way we can replace the whole industrial base in a few years, not to mention the poorer countries of the world.

    The thrust of all this is that any change to the world economy would happen over time, and we are not going to be eliminating our demand for fossil fuels any time soon. As we move towards alternative fuels and away from oil, demand will drop (or likely level off, as our increased need for fuel of all types will increase overall energy usage) but the oil producing nations of the world will have significant warning of the coming change, and hopefully, they will move to cushion the blow to their economies by investing some of their oil revenues into other areas, so that when oil ceases to be used in volume, they have other things to fall back on.

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    sorry to tell you but you be wrong. do you know in india they are just now starting to use cars. i know they have cars now but now that our jobs have gone overseas those common people now can afford them. what do you think runs their cars cow patties. india is just one example plus other nation in south america africa will become more developed and with their development they will need oil too. the only way oil will cause an apocalyps is if they run out of oil.

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