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What makes boobs appealing?

I'm a girl, i have pretty big boobs and i like them but i just don't understand what makes them desirable. Why do men like them? Its just like, extra fat.

also, i asked the question before but nobody answered and im really curious

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    it makes men know that the female is developed and has gone through puberty, and all grown up. that makes them desirable. and the overall shape is just appealing i guess. squishy too, lol. and theyre right in the front of the body, so its kind of hard to ignore them. i think the media has made people associate boobs with sexuality and desire and lust, so little kids are programmed to think that from an early age.

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    Your girlfriend must be having this question in her mind because she is feeling very low as she may find other girls more attractive and appealing or she may notice that no guy on the streets is giving her a glance when he passes by. As a boyfriend you should go to her and tell that she really looks pretty and gorgeous and you like her the way she is. Give her some self confidence in herself and tell her that the person inside is what I like the most. And you should believe in it cuz looks goes away when become old and what remains is that sweet person behind. Anyways incase you want to know what makes boobs appealing is that it should be big and tight. To make it that way girls have to wear a Bra and top of that a tight top. To make it more appealing they should wear a a colour for their top which gives their breast a distinct shape. For eg. do not wear black colour tops. Red or white would be good. the top should have a low neck so that the breast line (cleavage) can be spotted.

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    If you think about nature, it won't take long to realize that the females of species all have something that visually appeals to the males. Thats to get the males in close so that the female may inspect them and select what she determines to be the most suitable mate, based, of course, on her preferences. The human breast is enlarged, not for any special nursing functions, but as a 'come hither' so that she can choose from the males that are attracted. Pretty simple, they serve a function and just a natural thing.

    MT C

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    Childbearing. Most of the things that men consider attractive have to do with childbearing. Generally, the more estrogen someone has, the more suitable they seem for childbearing to the eye. This allows the male to scope out an ideal mate to bear his children. It's all basically part of the evolutionary process.

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    Okay, old women have saggy chests usually, correct? Boobs are sort of a way for men to tell a woman's age, and measure her youth. I read that somewhere. Also, as someone above mentioned, breasts develop during/after puberty.

    Also it's probably because men don't have them.

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    i dont know

    really it is just that

    it just turns uss on

    I think the boobs are the best part of a girl.

    But like sometimes i can look by that.

    But if it is a girl that just have boobs, and not a pretty face

    then that is just discusting.

    Im sure every guy can agree with me on this

  • The only thing that appeals to me about boobs is that they are a source of nutrition, they produce milk.

    I don't know why they've become so sexualised to society.

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    I don't know really, all I know is I can get a lot of attention from guys because of them so they're great haha!

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    because they look pretty and are fun to touch and squeeze lol. If you're a girl you can use it to your advantage because its a weakness for guys like me lol. Its just something that makes a woman a woman and they look hot and make me want to touch lol

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    I agree. Mostly because guys don't have them and it's very appealing to them.

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