Help with my Fantasy Baseball team name?

I'm joining a friends league and I need to know a good team name, please make it funny or creative, I wouldn't mind that.

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    A few of the best names I've seen on random sites:

    Honey Nut Ichiros

    Ellsbury Dough Boy

    Stop! Hamel Time

    Bumpin' Utleys

    Too Lidge-It to Quit

    Duchsherer Bags

    Byrnes when I Peavy

    A-Rod in my Pujols

    Bull Schmidt

    Big Unit in my Pujols

  • Pronk
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    1 decade ago

    Jonathon Papleboners

    Black Sabath~ia

    Schmidt hit the Fan

    P.E.D.s Dispencers

    Head Banger Balls


    Jeters never Prosper

    My A.Rod is Soria

    Phat Albert

    Speed Reyeser

    Back Upton Top,Bay-Bee!

    ~g0()d LuCk!~

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that giving a name that centers around 1 player is cool, but I prefer a witty name. Personally, I have a few Sliced Bread #2's because my fantasy team is the best thing since Sliced Bread. I like one of my opponents names, San Diego Shitzengiggles, as well.

  • tieman
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    4 years ago

    in the adventure that your stylish, you may take your place city and %. a acceptance (final year i grew to become into the Marion Crusaders, through fact i'm from Marion, Indiana, and that i had the previous-college Trident type from the Seattle Mariners). How touching directly to the cloth Monsters? it somewhat is relaxing and nonsensical.

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  • EOTW
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    1 decade ago

    mel kiper Jr's fantasy baseball team

  • 1 decade ago

    Do something that doesn't end with an "S." Like, if your name is Joe, call it "Joe's Diversion" or something like that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mo' Money Mohammad ---- HaHaHa

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