how to loook like paris hilton?

we have spirit week at my school and its celeb day coming up i wanna look like Paris Hilton i need help with make-up ideas and hair ideas and fashion i guess please let me know :) thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    If you want to look like Paris Hilton I can help you. I watch her show Paris Hilton's My New BBF and I know how she dresses. Ok if you don't have blue eyes then get blue contacts. For hair make your hair curly and make the curls go to your neck like make it face that and I could show you a picture if I got one. Ok now for make-up. Before doing any thing was your face with warm water and these are the steps for it: Get a face towel and put some warm water on it and gently wash your face with it then dry off your face so its not wet. Then

    get some very very good face cream or moisturizer and put some on your face. Then when your done that make sure your don't have a big blop on your face. Then after that wear superbalanced make-up which is like a face make-up that is to make your make better and bigger. Make sure you don't make your face look tan because her skin is very peachy so be careful. And for lipstick stick to bright red lipstick!!! It will make you look pretty classy and elegant which Paris Hilton is. Hair should say elegant and beautiful. Make your hair curly in curls and cute. I think I got a picture for you and if I do then you can see it.

    Fashion and clothes are a very very very important thing. Since Paris Hilton doesn't like black don't wear it because she wears bright colors more and she wears it very often. Stick to the color pink because Paris Hilton wears pink and likes bright colors and if you have no good light pink dresses stick to light blue. But stick to pink. The dress should have straps because Paris Hilton wears straps like all the time and loves them. Make the dress be elegant graceful beautiful and show you are fabulous and when you have spirit week at your school own it and sell it act like Paris Hilton and show that your famous and show that everyone wants to be you. And jewelery is something you have to have no matter what. Paris Hilton loves diamonds so wear diamonds. So wear a glamorous diamond necklace with a diamond bracelet with a pretty elegant diamond ring. Do all these and I hope you like Paris Hilton.

    P.S. Sorry but I couldn't find the picture but I hope it helps you.

    Source(s): I watch Paris Hiltons shows so I know a lot about her so thats what helped me and by seeing what she wears on the show helps me to see how she likes to look. Thats what made me help you.
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    1 decade ago

    Blue eye contacts, platinum blonde hair, tann makeup, and a v neck flowy dress thats white.. i guess this is kind of a play on nicky hilton you could wear gladiators. o_O or just carry a nicole richie/lindsay lohan doll around

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    1 decade ago

    make up

    pink gloss, light blush,


    straight or cut it like a bob


    tight black jeans with bright pink shirt, long neckless and to top it of nice shades

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  • 1 decade ago

    have mid lenght blonde hair, something that shows boobs, redish lips, blue contact eyes. wavey hair, nail polish red, and heels

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