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what better mac or pc?

what better mac or pc?

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    I buy pc's because they're cheaper and they have more software available but I like macs more. It just depends on the user.

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    Tough question... Macs are fairly reliable and last a while, however not many programs are compatible with the MAC... PC, is more universally compatible but much more prone to glitches and viruses... if your looking for a good personal computer, I'd go mac, but if you are looking for something to serve a specific purpose, you may want to go PC... Price can also be an issue... PCs may be cheap, but repairs can be expensive, where as macs will last long with few problems, but are far more expensive. In terms of user friendliness, PCs are very difficult to figure out, where as macs are usually easily understood and used.

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    PC. You can piece one together in your own house and just upgrade on part at a time as the need comes up. It's the weirdest thing. My dad paid $500 for a pc while I was right next to him telling him that I can build a better one for $400.

    If you don't ever plan on opening up the pc yourself, then you might as well get a mac. They're all high quality, as opposed to the many bad pcs that people sell for near the same price. It really depends on the model of pc that you would be buying though. Do your research and find a pc that fits your needs. compare that to a mac and see which one of the two is better.

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    PC's are made to do everything...

    Mac's are only used for document writing and other stuff... but not gaming!

    PC's are 10 times more stable because they have updates that keep you safe....Macs on the other hand dont have the stability like PC's.

    If something goes wrong in a PC... you can fix it yourself or upgrade the broken piece... or get it replaced thanks to a warranty... If Macs break or stop working.. you have to send them in 99% of the time because it is hard to find replacement parts that work when u get them for macs.... PC's are better if you know what you are doing, while macs make it easy for newcomers to computers... but at expensive prices when u can buy a PC that can be 5times better, for $100 or more

    Source(s): me... i own both.. i fix and build PC's
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    It depends what you need it for. I have had both a mac and a PC. The mac was great for doing work. I mainly used it for school work. PC is great for gaming. I also use my PC for school work though, just not as much.


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    A mac is certainly better than a PC because Mac's unlike PCs do not slow down when you connect to the Internet. Mac's also are unlikely to get a virus as well.

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    If you're budget conscious and you like the ability to upgrade and swap out components to tailer your PC to your own specific needs, a PC is your you.

    If you don't want to mess with learning about computers and upgrading and you see a computer as both a workstation and a fashion trend accessory, a mac is for you. That is, if you want to shell out 4k more than the PC user for the same power.

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    Hmm. It all depends, when it comes to gaming PC's are better, when it comes to media and processing speed a MAC will do better.. I like a mac, because there easier to use, and they run on a different BIOS so you don't have to worry about viruses as much as a PC which I might add millions of viruses everyday are hitting PC's

    Source(s): Have a MAcbook Pro
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    Nether macs and pcs are better. Both OS have various advantages and disadvantages. Personally I use nether as I use Ubuntu Linux



    more software support

    almost every game is made for windows first

    a lot more hardware support

    better development tools (so more programs are made for windows)

    windows vista is the most secure OS

    more bang for your buck

    windows xp is faster then mac


    less stable

    windows vista uses more resources then the mac

    more viruses can work on PC (hard to get them on vista)

    Windows xp is the most insecure OS

    Monopoly attempts in software markets.



    more stable

    easier to use

    less viruses

    faster then windows vista

    more physically appealing on hardware and software

    better video/music editing software


    slower then windows xp

    often games on macs are only ported (causes game to run slower and less stable)

    emerging area of non-virus malware

    less software support

    limited hardware support (impossible to upgrade)

    less bang for your buck

    possible monopoly in music market

    been known to be hacked in 30 minutes

    been known to crash on non-mac software

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    depends upon need.. most graphic design programs and video edition might run a little faster on mac.. but thats just because OS design capabilities.. see.. in the mac world.. the hardware is made to run the software in the PC world you need to have better hardware to run the software

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