Its ok to wear white shoes and bring a white purse to a wedding right?

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I'm wearing a light pink dress, and I have white shoes and a white purse that will go. I know you aren't supposed to wear a white dress, but shoes and a bag are fine right? I more
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yeah its no big deal.

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cool thanks.
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  • swanky answered 5 years ago
    it is no problem wearing a white shoe and a white purse is not like your wearing all white right
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  • adshaw32 answered 5 years ago
    That will be fine. You are right, no wearing white to a wedding, but that is for people who like to wear white dresses. White accessories are okay. Good for you for checking!
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  • joann j answered 5 years ago
    Yes that will be fine and the pink dress will look so cute with the shoes and purse.
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  • Katie E answered 5 years ago
    It's completely okay. The only rule is no white dress. There is the rule about no white shoes before memorial day, but that rule is wrong and outdated, fyi.
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  • Bored Again answered 5 years ago
    Yeah, you're good.
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  • ☆Proud Mom☆ answered 5 years ago
    You are right, no white dress but white shoes and purse are perfectly fine!
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  • 65432hu answered 5 years ago
    NO<NONNONONOONON that would be a mistake white is 4 the bride and if ur not the bride stay away from white


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