What is a "hai" stick?

ok i got my question answered about using the japanese straigntener at a salon for biracials but where would i get a "hai" stick its a kind of hair straghtener.

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    Hi, I saw your other questions on the japanese straightening but couldnt answer cuz they're already out to vote.

    Your hair may be suitable for a JTS but you will need a consultation, make sure you go to a good place that will tell you if its not good for you.

    If you are not suitable for a JTS, you can always get a Brazilian Keratin treatment. The brazilian will get your hair healthy and smooth and straight until you are suitable for a JTS.

    I do bkt myself at home cuz its an easy process, and doesnt damage hair. It actually makes your hair healthier as its an intense protein treatment that straightens. It lasts 3-5 months, the more damaged the hair, the better it works. It comes out gradually as you wash instead of growing out (you have to use sodium chloride free shampoo).

    Also, because they aren't damaging, you can do many to make hair the desired straightness. I have curly hair, so I did 2 in a week and now my hair is very straight, I just run a flat iron through it after letting it dry naturally to make it smoother.

    Heres a link to my pics on makeup alley, so you can see what it does:


    and I by my stuff from ebay, its called KeraHair from Bionaza, heres a link:


    this is the best one i have tried but theres all kinds out there.

    A Hai stick is a flat iron btw

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