I can hear my gran and grandpa shagging at night, What can i do?

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I can't afford my own place.
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  • a l answered 5 years ago
Pray for rain. If they have arthritus.
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  • Sue answered 5 years ago
    Hooray for Gran and Grandpa!!!! But seriously either get one of those noise machines or use a window box fan. The fan will drown out the noise . If you don't want it blowing on you just turn it away. Works everytime for me.
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  • DarkNemo answered 5 years ago
    Big fat earplugs, and sound proofing
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  • Kate answered 5 years ago
    Oh nooo!

    Ear plugs and music playing quietly is the only thing I can think of unless you want to talk to them about it.

    You poor, poor thing.
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  • Retired RN answered 5 years ago
    What on earth do you want to do about it? They are a married couple and can do whatever they like in their own home.
    The one thing that you can do is get your own place.
    Grow up and get over it.
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  • Dean A answered 5 years ago
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