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How would you describe your personality (Answer questionnaire first)?

Here are a few things you should do first BEFORE answering:

-Describe about 2-3 or ALL of these pictures (post the link, so that I know which ones you're referring to). Come up with a small story. At least 4-5 sentences each:

(Pictures will be posted on Additional Details)

-What is the most traumatic experience you've ever been through?

-What's your clothing/fashion style?

-Are you Right-handed or Left-handed?

-Are you talkative or shy?

Okay, now, tell me who you are, and describe your personality as a whole.

Update 2:

Sorry, it took me a while to find them all again. I've been trying to post this question for the past hour, and it wouldn't post. So, I decided to delete my SIX attempts to post this question, and I lost all the links to the pictures.

Anyways, yeah. :(

Thanks for answering.

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    *Randomly clicking on three pictures... I'll come up with a story that combines them all.

    - Picture 1 (3rd down from the top, beautiful sky pink flowers)

    - Picure 2 (5th down from the top, an older man/woman, the lower part of their face)

    - Picture 3 (3rd one up from the bottom, child sniffing flower)

    The story begins with a woman laying in a field of flowers, looking up at the sky. She's making shapes in the clouds. To the left, behind some pink flowers, she can see an aligator hiding in the form of a cloud. (cut to the future, picture 2) She is remembering the day she sat with her child in a field of mostly pink flowers, pointing out an aligator hiding to the left. The child asks... "what do clouds smell like?" (cut back to the past, picture 3) She reaches over among all the pink flowers, and picks a white one. She hands it to him, and he sniffs.

    * I don't think I'd want to describe an experience I believe to be traumatic. How about a funny one that was traumatic for my sister. She was a few years old when my little brother was born. Being 10 years younger than me, she was the baby, and was very very jealous to have to share the attention with the newborn. So she would constantly kiss him, knowing she was smothering him, no matter how many times my mom or I yelled at her for it. One day, she was holding him on her stomach smothering him with kisses, when he barfed in her mouth. lol. I think that qualifies as traumatic, for her at least.

    * Clothing/Fashion style... I have no idea. My friend (the trendster) described it as "classic." Whatever that means. I call it casual, with a little style thrown in.

    * Right handed.

    * Shy in real life, a non-stop blabbermouth if I'm writing :-)

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  • Zahrah
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    1 decade ago

    Most Traumatic Experience - Too personal and

    traumatic for me to share. I don't plan to tell anyone.

    Clothing/Fashion style - I love fashion and like to

    be simple, but stylish. I waer bangles and an ankelt

    everyday. I like beads and A - Lined dresses mostly.

    Depens really, I waer a variety of things. I would

    say classy but cute.

    I am Right-Handed.

    I am Shy.

    I am just an avergae girl, wanting to make everyone

    smile. I hate seeing people upset and believe that

    everyone deserves a second chance. I am a creative

    and a very quiet/shy person and like spending time

    alone most of the time. I love my family to death, but

    I do feel like something is missing in my life. I have

    a lot of goals and aspirations, but my parents are

    holding me back, but I keep faith in Allah all the time.

    I can't wait to find true love and start my own family,

    where I will break cultural barriers and give importance

    to Islam alone.


    A stress free life, with only beauty flowing around me.

    The wind slowly blowing through my hair. The scented

    flowers fill the whole atmosphere, where me my

    husband and three sons sit a look up to the sky where

    we know Allah is looking down on us and protecting us.

    Only pian written in my life, where no one understands

    my needs. People use and abuse me and hurt me

    when they no longer need me. The things I want I can't

    have, the things I have I don't need. The bottled up pain

    releases itslef every night, silently. Life and it's painful


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  • 1 decade ago

    Air so fresh, wind in my hair. These are the days that you dont want to end. These are the days you wish you could freeze time. A moments serenity and peace. How I love these days.

    Your tears are not unnoticed. I'm here to hold your hand. When you are weak I am your strength and will never leave your side. Mother, sister, daughter of mine. Our tears are precious gifts we have to release these pains of crimes.

    Oh baby joy, oh baby boy. You just make me smile. The world knows fragility like nothing before and everything again a new. Oh baby boy, oh baby joy your smile lights up the sky. There is nothing of this world more precious than this baby boy oh mine.

    -What is the most traumatic experience you've ever been through?

    Losing a child.

    -What's your clothing/fashion style?

    Classic and chic but of course Modesty rules.

    -Are you Right-handed or Left-handed?

    Right handed.

    -Are you talkative or shy?

    I am neither. I am social when the occasion arrises but I love my own company and enjoy silence. I am balanced neither tipping one way or the other.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    small story :

    Once upon a time there was the end. lollllll

    -What is the most traumatic experience you've ever been through?

    hmmm dont want to get into detail but my life and death moments. I'm happy to be alive right now.

    -What's your clothing/fashion style?

    my style is casual with a fitted hat ( baseball hat).

    -Are you Right-handed or Left-handed?


    -Are you talkative or shy?

    Use to be shy before in my teen years but i grew out of my shell and now im talkative

    Okay, now, tell me who you are, and describe your personality as a whole.

    i cant describe. u gotta ask someone who knows me well.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    > ok, i will wait

    > i had an infected kidney, and when they took blood from me at the hospital, i almost fainted

    >usually abba or jilbab, other wise: loose pants and long shirt, or long skirt (never tight) and long shirt

    >right handed :)

    >both! i talk a lot haha and i'm shy! :P

    >i am anonymous, i do not know who i am! i cannot define myself by my name, because i did not name myself, my parents did. and i do not define myself by something someone else calls me. i am a very friendly person, loves to joke, i am intelligent and loves to debate. i love chocolate and soccer, i love to be anonymous. i am loads of fun, people tend to trust me a lot and tell me their issues and ask for advice, i give great advice, i love helping people, i am a great listener, sure i talk a lot, i am very mature for my age, i love technology, i am a fast learner, i love nature and love my deen.

    but i still do not know who i am. still searching for a true identity


    happiness is essential in one's life in order to be pleased with this life.

    life is full of different things and colors, and each has its impact on us.

    nothing is more beautiful than the simple, natural world.


    >the little girl went out. she played in the leaves. she is happy. god bless her

    >the bracelet was hanging out. it met with the necklace, they chilled all day. then they met up with other bling bling

    >the pink flower said to the hot pink flower "hi". it responded back. they discussed the weather. the sky was beautiful.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What is the most traumatic experience you've ever been through? Losing my garndparents, losing the one I wantedto marry (no he is not dead).

    -What's your clothing/fashion style? I

    t vaires day to day, outside totally covered in the house different, (don't feel comfortable explaining).

    -Are you Right-handed or Left-handed?

    Right handed.

    -Are you talkative or shy

    Depends who I am speaking too, but I am very chatty 0_o to those who are close to me.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    -What is the most traumatic experience you've ever been through? - GRANDAD DYING.COPING WITH MY DAD GETTING MARRIED AGAIN.GRADNAM BEING ILL.AND SOMETHING WITH MY MUM.

    -What's your clothing/fashion style?


    -Are you Right-handed or Left-handed? LEFT HANDED

    -Are you talkative or shy?BOTH DEPENDS WHO I'M WITH - HAD TO PICK SHY

    Okay, now, tell me who you are, and describe your personality as a whole. - IM A VERY EMIOIONAL PERSON,ENJOY ALL THE NORMAL THINGS LIFE, WANT TO MAKE MY FAMLY PROUD,FUN,OUTGOING....SO ERM YEAH....FUN PERSONALITY.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. uhhmmm i cant thing of anything right now

    2. i'm in indian style mostly shalwar kameez

    3. right handed

    4. shy

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  • 1 decade ago


    -What is the most traumatic experience you've ever been through? i dunno.........

    -What's your clothing/fashion style? cute and/or classy.

    -Are you Right-handed or Left-handed? right handed

    -Are you talkative or shy? talkative. shy if im around guys/people i dont know.

    Source(s): spot hogger
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    WHO SAID THAT !!!? :@

    ooh not mee !! heeheeheehee :D

    es ay ar ay

    Source(s): i will always know what you did last summer
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