Do you keep old love letters?

or re-read them...

is it wrong to read old love letters from an EX, while you have a boyfriend? Even if you are over the ex.

Is it wierd if you wear your ex's clothes, it means nothing to you now tho, you have a bf who is completely AMAZING, you just like the sweater cause its really comfy.

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    1 decade ago
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    yea i read my old love letters and you can read the letter if you want to just dont read it around your boyfriend unless he doesnt mind!!and to wear your ex's clothes i dont know about that,never been in that experience

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    1 decade ago


    Wearing the clothes is fine as long as the boyfriend knows it's just clothes nothing special. What would you do if he found the letters and knew you were reading them?

    How hurt would he be?

    The past is the past and I would consider your living in the past as long as you continue.

    (An Old Saying) The past is the past and you can't move forward as long as you live in the past.

    What about a future boyfriend or even a husband.

    I would destroy the letters I am sure you remember them all and whats the point in going over them if you don't still have feeling for this guy?

    You could cause a lot of damage by just having them around. Would you feel ok if someone else found them and read them?

    That was my though when I burned mine. I thought they were to personal for anyone but me to read, so I burned them all. Now I don't have to worry about it at all and can put my mind to better things.

    Think about it.

    Good Luck

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    Heh heh I actually don't see anything wrong with wearing some random ex's sweater. No point in wasting a good sweater, y'know?

    But reading and ex's love notes is kind of strange. Although, I do keep all the notes that I get in my desk... I should probably get rid of some of them though now that I think about it...

    But if I found out that my girlfriend has all her ex's notes I probably wouldnt care really to be honest.

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    It's not wrong at all. It's nice to reminisce and feel nostalgic. Those letters probably meant a lot to you when you recieved them so naturally it would make you feel good to read them.

    Also, if the sweater is comfy and you like it, there's no reason to throw it out. It's not like you wearing the sweater is going to magically change your mind. (>^_^)>

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  • 1 decade ago's not WIERD 2 read old luv letters and clothes. U can keep da letters 4 memories dat u use 2 have and so on....

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    1 decade ago

    deffinetly keep em some ppl think its weird but its a memory and in 20 yrs u will regret not keeping them besides who cares?? if u keep them keep them if u want. i would. the sweaters a good point dont tell ur new bf if u get a new bf tht ur ex gave it to u. n even if it DOENT have sentimental value u like it?? right

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    you keep you old letter and put them in the old shoe box so when you are grown you can go back and read all the crzy things you did in your past now if you get married i subject you keep them keep sakes at your mother house it will start up a arguement with your husband. But as for now keep your memories I did and it was to funny

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    Nah, nothing wrong with that. I still keep souvenirs from a holiday I had with a boy who dumped me months ago. I have a stone from the beach we went to together... sometimes I just hold it. That's a bit weird, but what you're doing isn't as crazy. I guess it's me who's the weird one.

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    Yes because once u start readin it even if u sad ur over him ur goin to get tat fellin for him may say ur over him but it mit turn out 2 be tht ur not n u dnt wnt 2 be like because u mit not start show da love u have 4 ur boyfirend.and he's goin to think she like somebody or if he know her ex n tat send a mgs through his head tat h losein u n he dnt tat. No its not weird just dnt wear it to much cause he mit think tat u keep wearin tat cause u mess ur ex its ok 2 wear cause it comfy but not 2 much tat send a mgs to them tat u may steal be in love with ur ex or wnt him.

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    got rid of old letters and pics since im in a new relationship. It wouldnt be right to be reading old letters while in a new relationship. You got 2 show respect 4 your partner.

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