Is it okay to blow in a babys face?

My sister blew in my daughters face because she had a fuzz on it & my daughter held her breath/took a deep breath. Is it okay to do that, I mean blow in their face? Its not going to harm them in any way will it?


Ohh, Its totally fine that she did it. I just didn't know if it would cause her any harm. My sister said she smiled when she did it so I guess she likes it too. Lol.

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    No it just makes them take a deep breath and is completely fine. Your daughter may not appreciate it if you do it too much but it is not going to hurt her.

    We are taking swim classes with my 6.5 month old and we blow in her face (per the instructer) before putting her under the water so that she doesnt get water up her nose.

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    No harm done! Lol! Bit of extra advice: If your baby gets a bit older and for some reason cries away her breath, then blowing in her face will get her to take a breath too. We used to have to do that with my son as it was the only thing that would make him take a breath again!

  • It won't harm her. Aisling loves it when you gently blow on her face. She like the breeze of it against her face. As long as it's not a hard blow your daughter will be fine :)

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    It absolutely won't harm her - my daughter loves it and has done since a young age! It now makes her laugh.

    If you're not happy with her doing it, tell her not to do it. She's your daughter, so it's up to you.

    ETA - Mone B - according to your questions, you're a 15 year old boy. What do you know about babies??

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    Your baby is just fine hon, it just shocks them. Its actually a pretty good way to see their stunned reaction. If it was dangerous then we could never take our babies out in the wind because this causes the same reaction.

    Just don't allow someone to continusly do it.

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    Blow what?

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    actually it will harm them, the wind will make the baby choke because he will not be able to breathe, so i strongly advise you not to do that again.

    better to be safe than sorry, right?


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