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Good fish for a 55 gallon?

Okay, so I've grown up with fish tanks and have a lot of experience with various types of cichlids, betas, and plecos.

However, I want to branch out with my new tank and try something new. I can't decide what kind of fish to put in it though. I'll obviously have to do a lot of reading on whatever you suggest, but do you have any suggestions?

I haven't done true salt-water tanks before, so starting one would be interesting, but I think that a 55-gallon is probably a bit too small for that.

And is it possible to put a couple of different species in? I'm used to my 120-gallon so this is a bit of a downgrade. What species go best together? (Previously I've had tanks with all cichlids and one pleco, or a smaller tank with a beta by itself)

Thank you for whatever you suggest! :D

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    Well in a 55 gal there is TONS to choose from..You could go agressive,oddball,community or single species!

    I went community with my 65 gallon tank and I have various species of rainbowfish, dwarf cichlids, danios, corydoras catfish, angelfish, loaches and some synodontis catfish.

    If you go for oddballs African Butterfly Fishes are good, brown ghost knives, spiny eels, bichirs, Hujeta gars and giant danios.

    Predatory tanks would be alot like oddball tanks, as they would include bichirs, hujeta gars, ABFS, knifefish, eels and some of the more agressive livebearers.

    You could do a trio of gulper catfish in there. Gulper catfish are INCREDIBLE fish. They eat foods TWICE their size and are pretty cute looking too! But if you went with gulpers tankmates would be a no in a 55 gal. They are usually a light brown - black colour and are normally pretty active but usually stay near the bottom. Gulpers would rarely exceed 25 cm some people have claimed to have 30 cm speciemins but this is unlikely.

    You could also do a pair of Oscars. Oscars are pretty big yet very colourful fish. They are from the family of fish, the Cichlids. They will move ornaments and uproot plants as they like to have the tank THEIR way. They are pretty fast growing and alot of people keep them in small 10 gallon tanks were they live a bad life :(

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    You have plenty of options but I personally would not get either an Oscar or a Bala Shark. While you could keep a single Oscar in a 55 gallon. That is the minimum tank size it should be kept in and it should really be kept in a larger tank. I suggest getting a pair of smaller but equally as cool Cichlids as Oscars. Good choices include... 2 Blue Acaras 2 Firemouths 2 Green Terrors 2 Jack Dempsys A 55 gallon can also make a nice rock dwelling Lake Malawi Cichlid set up. You could get a small group of several different types of mbuna from Lake Malawi. Some of my favorites include... 3-5 Electric Yellows 3 Auratus Cichlids 3-5 Aurora Cichlids 3 Kenyi Cichlids Hope this helps.

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    I have a 55 gallon tank with four Fancy Goldfish. If you decide to get Goldfish, make sure you have a filter made for 110 gallons or more, seeing as Goldfish are very messy and produce a lot of ammonia.

    Four Fancy Goldfish is the maximum you can keep in a 55 gallon tank. Goldfish are beautiful, and they are very active.

    Or if you like, you could have four Angelfish! These fish require the same amount of space as Fancy Goldfish due to their height, at 6" when full grown. These fish are beautiful, don't need excessive filters such as the Goldfish, but however they do need heaters.

    Good luck!

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    I have swordtails, guppies, tetras, zebras, bettas and mollies in a 40 gallon

    some different types of goldfish suchas comets, shubunkin, ryukin in a 40

    in my 55 I have about 15 angelfish

    in my 120g saltwater I have 4 Percula clowns, 1 blue tang, 1 yellow tang, 1 coral beauty salt angel, 2 neon gobies, 1 fire fish, 1 mandarin dragonet and 1 red star

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