COSMOTOLOGY: expensive beauty school VS. community college classes?

Is going to a Private cosmetology school worth the money? or is doing the classes at a Community College better? I;ve found schools like Paul Mitchell for 20,000... but is it worth the money?? or can you learn the same stuff at any classes?

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    If both institutions are accredited & the curriculum is similar or identical between both, then save your money & enroll at the community college to get your certification.

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    My wife went through a state school in Ohio. She is just as qualified as anyone, and had half the cost of education. The trade shows she attends, there are people who went to places like PM, and these people are not liked because they are all arrogant about their education. There are only so many techniques to learn, so why pay that much money for PM when you can get the same education for less, and get in the work force faster.

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    community college

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