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How Can I edit My Facebook account info?

I've been having trouble editing my Facebook account.

It says Jane Doe now,

I want it to only say Jane,how can I do this,please?

Please explain step by step?

I've tried a several times,and tried to change it up,but it only changes to Doe Jane or Jane Doe.



Thanks,but a little more specific,please???

Update 2:

I'm not too well in english,the sirname would be the same as the last name,correct?

So I delete which of the fields??,before I click CHANGE NAME?

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    1. Put your mouse over settings (don't click) this is at the top right hand side

    2. You will get a drop down 'Account settings'

    3. Click into name

    4. The reason why it says 'Doe Jane or Jane Doe.' is because you have the surname field with the name Doe or Jane. Delete that, then click change name.

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    circulate to the suitable of your facebook/wall homestead web site and click on account. and then circulate into the privateness settings the place you will come across a deactivate my account button, click in this, interest carried out. in case you do no longer choose to thoroughly close your facebook account. there is yet otherwise to delete the documents despite the fact that that's variety of long winded. you may desire to click on the x on the element of each little bit of concepts. to locate this you may would desire to brush the mouse for the duration of each little thing and an x will seem. I closed my account those days because of the fact of safety matters with facebook and that exchange into how I deleted my data upon getting no reaction from facebook.

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    hcan i edit my facebook account

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    They only way to get rid of your last name is to not have it in facebook at all.

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    click settings (top of the screen. the blue part) and then it says your name. click change and change it.

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