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How to get out of going to "Alternative School"?

I have gotten in alot of trouble this year and it is just minor things, but my principal insists that I am a HUGE distraction and is possibly sending me to AEP(alternative education placement). I have a meeting with him and my dad next Wednesday. The reason I do the things I do is because I hate seeing people at my school so sad/pissed all the time so in class I'll make a little joke to make them all laugh. It really makes me alot happier too seem them happy to and sometimes it gets a little carried away and I will get kicked out of class. I plan on telling my prinicipal all of these things and defending myself. I hve freedom of speech, but it's not "in full effect" at school which I think is bullshit I am an American citizen I should have it no matter where I am or what age I am.

Does anyone have anything that you think I could say that would make him not send me?

I am going to miss all my friends so much.

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    By law you have the right to sign a behaviour contract saying that you will not have any discipline issues for the rest of the year. you must also keep your grades up, et cetera.

    And by the way: one of the reasons schools may on occasion (and with good reason) abridge the first amendment rights of children is because, in the absence of parents, school official act in locus parenti, (on behalf of parents). The locus is important in deciding just how far a school may go in trimming constitutional rights. In most every First Amendment case related to school issues decided by appellate courts, the decision of the court hinges on the place where the deprivation of the right occurred. The authority of a school to abridge a fundamental right in law is related to the place at which the offense occurs because the authority of school administrators lapses when their charges are in “other settings.”

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