Do you ever get a higher limit on questions you can ask a day?

I'm sure you all have noticed that there is a six question a day limit and I find this frustrating as 14 year old have many questions to ask. Do you ever get a higher limit? And if so how?

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  • Edd e
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    1 decade ago
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    The points needed for level 2 is 250.

    Here is a list of what point are needed for each level

    Level 1 > 1-249

    Level 2 > 250-999

    Level 3 > 1,000-2,499

    Level 4 > 2,500-4,999

    Level 5 > 5,000-9,999

    Level 6 > 10,000-24,999

    Level 7 > 25,000+

    You can see the full point and level chart it details what the advantages you get with each level go to the link below.

    How you earn point.


    1 > Answering a question + 2 points.

    2 > Choosing best answer for your question + 3 points.

    3 > Voting best answer + 1 point.

    4 > Being picked as best answer + 10 points plus 1 point for every thumbs up to a maximum of 50.

    Logging in to yahoo answers each day + 1 point.

    Why you get points deducted.


    1 > Ask a question - 5 points.

    2 > Receiving a violation - 10 points.

    3 > Deleting a answer - 2 points.

    4 > Unsuccessful violation appeal - 10 points.

    Here is a list of the limitations with each level you have with questions and answers.

    Level 1.> You can ask 5 questions and answer 20 questions.

    Level 2.> You can ask 10 questions and answer 40 questions.

    Level 3.> You can ask 15 questions and answer 60 questions.

    Level 4.> You can ask 20 questions and answer 80 questions.

    Level 5.> The amount of questions and answers are unlimited.

    Level 6.> The amount of questions and answers are unlimited.

    Level 7.> The amount of questions and answers are unlimited.

    All the above limitations are per day.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    After Level 4, the question limit is 20. Answers are unlimited, and you get 2 points for each answer. And you get 3 points back by choosing Best answers for the questions you ask. And 10 points if any of your own answers are choses as Best Answer. You can click on your points or level number by your avatar (or the link below) to see what the limits are on various levels, how the scoring works and more.;_ylt=...

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  • 1 decade ago

    no not each day, each level.


    answer your limit of questions each day (2 points each)

    get an answer selected as best answer (10 points each)

    pick a best answer for your question (3 points)

    vote your limit of unresolved questions each day (1 point each)

    you also get a point a day for signing in

    Level 1 - 5

    Level 2 - 10

    Level 3 - 15

    Level 4 - 20

    Level 5+ unlimited

    Hope I helped!!! Hey you can get 3 pts. if u vote me best answer, but also, give Best answer BEFORE 4 days because thats when they expire and you cant get your 3 pts.

    each question costs 5 points, so ask sparingly

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  • 1 decade ago

    I can ask 15 questions a day because I am level... 3 or 4, I forget. But yeah, as you progress through levels you can ask more and more questions a day.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You get an extra 20 answers each time you level up.

    Your on level 1 which mean you only get 20 answers, when you get to level 4 you get 40, etc;_ylt=...

    Source(s): Hope I helped!
  • yopp
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    3 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, you have to obtain more levels.

    Read through this to learn how to obtain points, lose points, get more answers/questions per day.;_ylt=...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When you pass a level you can ask more questions

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