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would you agree,based on the answers here,that most people no longer put america 1-st in their hearts?

shame on us all!

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    well its a shame for americans but Im Polish and live in the Republic of poland which is the best free and liberal country on earth !

    God Bless POLAND !!!!!!!!!

    As to your question thats currently a major trend in America it seems American patritism is no longer popular but there aren't any movies made about US patriots or super heroes You know I know that media can help to feel the value of a nation when we watch our movies we always feel proud that were Polish because somtimes we watch movies which show our heroes I think if people start showing US patriots in movies again people will start putting USA in their hearths I love America for one thing but I hate it when America forgets and abandons their heroes in need (for example vietnam wars veterans)

    Nothing of sort is hapining in Poland we value even people like Wojciech Jaruzelski !

    Not mentioning our heroe who brought us freedom Lech Wałesa !!

    So I guess USA should do help its heroes to become celebreties just like we do it here in Poland !

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    I believe most of us do still hold America first in our hearts. That is why we are so concerned about what is in happening in America now. I want to see America continue to be the Free and Proud country it has always been which is why I speak up against those who would change it.

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    i will answer the only relating to the typewriters. whilst typewriters have been first invented, it become stumbled on that some people ought to sort quickly sufficient to have the keys jam. undergo in ideas, the machines have been mechanical with the levers increasing to strike the ribbon. the present keyboard become configured to decelerate the typist long sufficient for the letter hands to sparkling one yet another. The configuration has stayed this way out of habit.

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    No, but I do believe that we are starting to get a more distorted view of America. we are getting mixed signals and some believe some things that others don't take much stock in. and so we are starting to have a great divide.

    example of "issues" that people disagree on:

    using force on Iran/Negotiations

    Iraqi war was good/bad for the US

    illegal Immigration cause of high unemployment/scapegoat

    some people just believe so strongly that it is getting harder to compromise

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    What America you are talking about ,I always fund with the great americans whom will tell the story again of good days ..

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    ive never put america first, god bless england lol

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