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ness300 asked in TravelUnited StatesOrlando · 1 decade ago

Help finding a hotel?

I need a hotel for 2 adults one 6'5" and 2 boys ages 15 and 9 the 15 year old is 6' so I am looking for something that has 2 rooms possibly 2 queens and a sleeper would be fine. We need something that provides transportation to wet N wild, Seaworld, Aquatica, and Universal. We always stay at the Seralago hotel but unfortunitly they do not provide transportation to these places we are trying to save a little money as well as explore new areas. If you have stayed at any great hotels that woudl fit us comfortably please let me know. Open to all options.

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  • Kai
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    1 decade ago
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    In the Kissimmee FL area where you mentioned the Seralago hotel is,, i believe that this might be a fine fit for you and your family. Best think about this website is that it compare other rates for you.

    There is an array of options on this link i will provide but because i do not know your fixed dates, it might be most benefitial i you could check these out at you're own convenience. There is the hotel Ramada Plaza Hotel- Inn Getaway that has fine ratings and the prices suggest (of course before all those pesky fees are added) that the base price starts at 38$ as a average nightly rate. Now, i searched under two rooms to begin with so i am not sure if this is the adjacent room fee included or not but here is their number that is on the site as well.

    have a safe and relaxing trip!

    Ramada of Kissimmee, FL

    Phone #: 866-539-0036

    Source(s): Here is that website i spoke of:
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  • 1 decade ago

    If you're planning to go to Disney World I would suggest Disney's Pop Century Resort. It is only about $82 per night and they give your transportation around the Walt Disney World Resort and to your hotel from Orlando International Airport free.

    Here is Pop Century's Website:

    Here are benefits of staying on Disney Property:

    You can rent a car on Disney property pretty cheap.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Blue Heron is good - free transportation and about a mile away from Disney. Try these sights and

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