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What is granulated sugar?

We don't seem to have it in Australia, or maybe it is sold under a different name? Is it like caster sugar? Raw sugar? What kind is it?


So why isn't it just called white sugar? lol

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    Granulated sugar is white sugar, just another name. Most of the time in the US we just call it sugar since it's what's commonly used.

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    Granulated Sugar

  • Anonymous
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    Granulated sugar is similar to caster sugar, except not quite as fine. Caster sugar is generally referred to as superfine or Bartender's sugar here in the states. It's called granulated sugar because it is just that, granulated sugar. It's roughly the same texture as table salt. Raw sugar has larger granules, and it's darker, due to the molasses content.

  • C.M. C
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    Granulated sugar if you look on your shelf when you do your shopping it comes in 1 and 2 Kg packs white and blue if I recall correctly, and the brand on it CSR, you also have No Name brand in yellow packs.

    Its just a little bit more course than your caster sugar. I know this as I was taken shopping to a store there called, is it "Coles", and you call another one "Woolies", which is your term for Woolworth's?


    PS I'm in Montreal.

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    Granulated sugar is the term for the standard, widely used form of pure white sugar. Otherwise known as sugar in the form of small grains.

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    You can use white sugar (refined white grains, similar to iodized salt in texture) for recipes calling for granulated sugar. It is usually specified in recipes as "granulated" to differentiate it from the "powdered sugar" (which is also white in color) but totally serves different purpose. For added info, caster sugar is actually the powdered sugar used for icings or simply labeled as "icing sugar". Raw sugar on the other hand is the unprocessed sugar from sugar cane labeled in supermarkets or specialty store as "moscuvado" (dark brown in color powdery but more dense), taste is similar to brown sugar.

    • Jaylan3 years agoReport

      Caster sugar is NOT powdered sugar used for icing- that's icing sugar.
      Caster sugar is just a finer version of normal granulated white sugar.
      Thats what it is in Australia anyway, I can't say about the rest of the world.

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    it's normal white sugar...the stuff you usually use. (aka castor sugar)

    i suppose they say granulated to differentiate it from icing /confectioner's/powdered sugar.

  • Anonymous
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    I think its powered sugar.

  • 1 decade ago

    its grated suger like powder,,

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