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汽水 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



內容要稍微改的話也沒關係,只要那四句勵志諺語都存在就好。就熟能生巧,忍為上策,有志者事竟成,做事切莫半途而廢 這四個。

麻煩幫個忙,翻譯一下,謝謝! 我點數不多 所以只能給五點






B:ㄟ~C,妳咧? 最近過的怎樣?









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    1 decade ago
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    A: Have you found a job yet?

    B: huh~ Few days ago, I got it , but I was always making mistakes.

    Really stupid I am.

    B: ii~ cheer up! You can get use it.

    B: i see. For living, I can hold it anyway.

    B: A~C, and you? How is coming?

    C: Since I was a housewife, I face to my husband's mother everyday

    and always have conflict with her. Deadly bother me.

    D: The old, just for a while. AFter all she is your husnad's mother,

    the best way is patience.

    C: Fine ! Stop it. How about your company now?

    A:I am just in beginning , there are lots of busy work.

    Quite tired. I have no idea to have a smooth going.

    C:Keep going, you can make it.

    B: D, you said you wanted to learn hair-styled. How is your progress?

    D: Talk about this. I am very lazy because I just went to class one

    to twice only. hoho~

    B: Ah~ Lady .Do not give up on half way toward everything.

    You have to contiune the class, otherwise you waste your

    money, dont you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    A: Has found works?

    B: Before graciousness ~, the day only then found the work first, is only always makes a mistake, is really awkward.

    A: Egypt! Practice makes perfect, filling-up area.

    B: I knew, to live, how I will support again.

    B: ㄟ ~C, you? Recently crossed what kind of?

    C: Since works as the full-time employment housewife, with mother-in-law face-to-face, always had the conflict all day, was tired of bothersomely.

    D: The old person, has quarrelled, is husband's mother after all, all take endure as the best plan.

    C: Good! Did not say this. That A your company now is?

    A: The company just now starts to start, is busy at entering all day is busy, is very tired! Also did not know that can split out the positive result smoothly!

    C: The being ambitious matter becomes unexpectedly, you may certainly!

    B:D, you previous time said that you want to study style hair, now has had the progress?

    D: Speaks of this, I really am also lazy, on 1-2 classes have not gone, ha-ha!

    B: Works gives up halfway not by any means Arab League young lady, must continue on to pull, otherwise Qian Dubai has given, right!?

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