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請幫我翻譯這幾段話 (中翻英) 急 20點

法國的餐飲禮儀: 在西餐之中,法國菜可以說是最講究的。法國人用餐時,兩手允許放在餐桌上,但卻不許將兩肘支在桌子上,在放下刀叉時,他們習慣於將其一半放在碟子上,一半放在餐桌上。


德國的餐飲禮儀: 德國人在用餐時,有以下幾條特殊的規矩:其一,吃魚用的刀叉不得用來吃肉或奶酪。其二,若同時飲用啤酒與葡萄酒,宜先飲啤酒,後飲葡萄酒,否則被視為有損健康。其三,食盤中不宜堆積過多的食物。其四,不得用餐巾扇風。其五,忌吃核桃。


錫蘭 :有「香料之島」的美譽,烹調方法深受宗教信仰及外來統治者的影響,而主食為米飯佐以調有咖哩粉的蔬菜、肉或魚。

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    1.France's dining etiquette: In the western-style food, the French vegetable may say that is most is fastidious. When the French dines, two permissions place on the dinner table, but actually cannot two elbow on the table, when lays down the knife and fork, they are accustomed to place its half on the dish, half place on the dinner table.

    2.Russia's dining etiquette: Dines, Russian multipurpose knife and fork. They abstained from that dines makes the sound, and cannot use the spoon to drink the tea directly, or lets it stand erect Yu Beizhong. Usually, they eat meal when only uses the tray, but does not use the bowl.

    3.Germany's dining etiquette: German when dining, has the following several special customs: First, eats the knife and fork which the fish uses not to use for to eat the meat or the cheese. Second, if simultaneously drinks the beer and the grape wine, drinks the beer first suitably, latter drinks the grape wine, otherwise regards as harms the health. Third, eat in the plate not to be suitable piles up excessively many foods. Fourth, do not use the table napkin air fan. Fifth, the death anniversary eats the walnut.

    4.Burmese person: Food for the rice, the vegetables, the fish or the shellfish, the main meal has certainly the fish, they often in the soup, the salad or the vegetable put several petals to have the rich fragrance flower petal.

    5.Sri Lanka: Has “island of the spice” fine reputation, cooking method depth religious belief and external ruler's influence, but the staple food assists moves has the curry powder vegetables, the meat or the fish for the rice.

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