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Life in the 1900s Australia?

What Appliances were used in the 18th/early 19th century in Australia ? What appliances did women have for their housework? and what housework did women do ?

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    Australia had only recently federated during the 1900s. The Australian economy needed more people to migrate to Australia, and thus they gave information about the excellent work conditions of Australia. Although nowhere near modern standards, the condition in Australia was better than the conditions in many other contries, and this persuaded people to migrate.

    There were also many organised work strikes throughout Australia at this time. most achieved nothing, but gradually, the Australian Government made improvents.

    The new century opened with the Federation of the Australian colonies. Concerns about defence and trade, a growing desire for a more egalitarian society, and a developing sense of national identity had prompted the growth of the Federation movement, and the new Commonwealth of Australia was inaugurated on 1st January, 1901.

    The desire for a freer, more independent society was also seen in social and cultural areas – art, literature, architecture, fashion, furniture and entertainment reflected the growing belief in a unique Australian character anxious to discard the belief systems and class structures of 19th century Britain. Writers such as Steele Rudd, Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson were instrumental in creating a distinctive image of Australia, and artists of the Heidelberg School, which emerged in the late 1800s, helped to visualize a national identity which fed the growing national sentiment of the new century.

    However, despite the union of the colonies into one nation, and the planned creation of a people “one in blood, race, religion and aspiration” espoused by Alfred Deakin, the Franchise Act of 1902 excluded Indigenous Australians and people from Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands, from voting. Notions of Australian identity were based firmly on race, and the idea of a “White Australia”. In 1901, the new Commonwealth Parliament passed the Immigration Restriction Act and the Pacific Island Labourers Act, designed to exclude non-Europeans, who were seen as competitors in the labour market and perceived as culturally and socially unable to contribute to a democratic society. Indigenous Australians, popularly believed to be dying out, were excluded from the census count, and came under increasingly repressive State control. Women, too, remained on the margins – despite having won the vote in 1902, it was almost another twenty years before a woman was elected to a State parliament.

    Clearly, the core values of mateship, independence and egalitarianism, promoted as being central to the Australian national identity, didn’t apply to everyone.

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    They are all govt rescource type websites. Google could get you a lot more.

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