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Anonymous asked in Home & GardenCleaning & Laundry · 1 decade ago

washing white socks - still need help?

Ok, i have my white sock soaking in warm water. I scrubbed them a little bit on the bottom, but not sure if i did a good job at all. At what point do i use detergent. Do i put the detergent in the water?

Here are some other items i have access to, incase i need to use them. I'm trying to wash manually WIHTOUT using a washing machine.

Here is what I have access to:

Wisk Original Clean

Ultra Downy

Dynamo 2x Ultra

2x Ultra Tide

Food Club Supreme Clean

Ultra vivid

Heavy duty Laundry detergent

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  • Angeln
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    1 decade ago
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    Yes you put the detergent in the water, most people say you should add the detergent to the water before the clothes, but i never do. I would use tide, but thats just because thats what i use most often, you shouldnt really need fabric softner or anything, just some detergent in the water, let it sit a few mins, come back and swish it around real good, scrub some dark bits a little if you want. then let them sit a little, then dump out the water, refil swish.. let sit, and then rinse well. Im not sure if this is the perfect way to do it, but its how i did it when our washing machine is broken.. if your not satisfied with how clean they are, dont allow them to dry. but they should be clean enough to wear again, they just might not be super bright. My aunt used to boil her socks once in awhile with lye soap, she said it made them bright white again, im not sure how to do all that tho. when my socks start to become less white i soak them in oxy clean over night, seems to brighten them back up, but really, when i wear socks im usually wearing long pants, and shoes or boots, so nobody really sees them anyway... But yeah.. add your detergent to the water, you can add a little more to tough spots.. dont use as much as you would for a normal load of laundry, only really need enough to make the water soapy.. i never really measure tho. make sure you rinse them really really well.

  • 1 decade ago

    bleach is the answer to all white laundry

    duck tape is the answer to anything broken.

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