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all cuban team in baseball?

i am making a team for my baseball game of just major leguers who are cuban who have played past or present can you give me your 25 roster of the best.

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    Bert Campaneris

    Jose Canseco

    Mike Cuellar

    Jose Contreras

    Orlando Hernandez

    Dolf Luque

    Tony Oliva

    Minnie Minoso

    Rafael Palmeiro

    Cookie Rojas

    Tony Perez

    Luis Tiant

    Joe Azcue

    Jose Cardenal

    Paul Casanova

    Bobby Estalella

    Livan Hernandez

    Camilo Pascual

    Rey Ordonez

    Alex Sanchez

    Marcelino Lopez

    Tony Gonzalez

    Yunel Escobar

    Leo Cardenas

    Yuniesky Betancourt

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