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Rock n roll fans....................?

Why do you think people think our genre is evil or bad or w/e. The one who tells me why those people r full of it best gets best answer.

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    Cause they are jealous that we have awesome music and that they missed out on having fun while still young. they try to take out there anger on us for having fun and being happy when they couldn't. That and they don't like sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. probs cause they can't get laid anyways.

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    properly i think Rock N Roll to be 50's 60's era music: Elvis, Rolling Stones, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Bo Diddley, fat Domino. 80's metallic: weapons N Roses, Slayer, Motley Crue, Metallica, Anthrax, ACDC 80's stressful Rock: Van Halen and Aerosmith

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    Older style of Rock n Roll came out back when the drug usage was on the rise. Some people just think that rock n roll leads to drugs. I dont think so though, i have never done them and I like bands like Skynard and Bad Company. There are some songs that will out live us all.

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    it's not that they are full of it, it's that they are afraid of it.

    rock was basically doing something completly different, which people were afraid of.

    also, in the 70's bands started using penatonic blues scales in the solos and called it metal. the extra notes in that scale are called the "devil's notes" and people havn't used them for a very long time.

    EDIT: George O, job for a cowboy is athiest not satanist.

    so it's really just people thinking that it's for the devil.

    i honestly have no idea what your talking about if you mean current times though. nobody tinks its evil anymore.

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    1 decade ago

    B/c several rock artists indulged in many 'unhealthy' things, like all the drugs you could name, sleeping with random people, you know, the biased view that several have of all rock artists. It isn't really their music that causes them to these things, its them, and they just happen to be in the rock genre. This is also known as ignorance.

    Hope this helped!

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    because the first thing those kind of people see when they look at rock for some reason are the bands that are satanist, and scream all the time



    Job For a Cowboy

    They dont look at the true rock bands

    Led Zeppelin

    Rolling Stones


    even good modern ones like

    Foo Fighters


    Chili Peppers

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    Because they are god fearing. Even though he does not exist. That's pretty much it. Plus they obviously are not listening to most of the lyrics. I love Zep, know all the lyrics, some people think they are the devils work but they sound quite cheerful to me. No such thing as the devil either, sorry people who relish the thought of satan in rock.

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    well the music they play now is trash, and classics are THE classics! like look at breakfast in america by supertramp, classic, gym class heroes made a trashy version called take a look at my girlfriend, if it werent for alot of rock songs, there wouldnt be the songs they play now, the trashy horrific remakes.

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    People think that we are just abnormal. When in reality they are the ones who are insane and need to realize everyone is different and if they are that STUPID so say things like that...then IGNORE THEM.

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    1 decade ago

    To me it's awesome what all those dudes do, for example Metallica iz awesome and no one can mess with them but I think rock iz just music and nothing else

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