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What would you do, if you were the president of the United States?

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    In no particular order

    1. I would limit the amount of terms that all politicians could serve. That is the biggest problems with our polititians. Limit each office. Allow people to move from office to another but put a limit on that too. Make them live with the decisions they make like the rest of us do.

    2. Do away with income tax. Create a national sales and service tax.

    3. Reduce the size of government and streamline it.

    4. Privatise the post office and make the postal regulations apply to all shipping companies.

    5. Make the Presidents power more fair with Congress. In other words the President alone cannot veto bills from Congress. It must be vetod by both the President and Vice President to count as a veto.

    6. Give back more freedoms and individual control to the states.

    7. Take a tougher stand with international policy. Don't take crap from others. Insist on more involvment from other nations. Stregthen relations with neighbors, allies, and fellow members of the UN and Nato

    8. Give the country goals to achieve to help motivate people to be more active, responsible, ambitious, concerned, and involved. Much of our country's great achievements, including the beginnings of our country were the result of a small percentage of people. If we double that or even get 50% of the population doing that how great of a nation could we be then?

    9. Institue English as the official national lanquage. Imigrates earn more and do better when they know English. It also helps to knock down just one more wall between people if we all speak the same lanquage.

    10. Increase the benefits of business ownership and small business. They creates more jobs than corporate America. They do more for the local economy than big companies. They pay more in taxes than large companies do. Overall they are far better for the economy.

    11. Make the dollar be backed by silver and gold again.

    12. Create ways to help people lieave healthier, hapier, more balanced lives. When we are out of balance we have many more problems.

  • FUNdie
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    1) Impeach all the activist judges on the Supreme Court

    2) Get rid of ALL unconstitutional government programs (which is about 80% of them)

    3) Tighten border security

    4) End all government funding of Planned Parenthood (putting $400 million a year back into your pockets)

    5) Stop all funding of the UN

    6) Get out of Iraq (and any other place in the world where we don't belong)

    7) Put the abortion question to a popular vote (we already know that most Americans are against abortion except in certain circumstances)

    8) Eliminate all corporate welfare

    9) Return to American sovereignty - let the rest of the world worry about their own problems.

    10) Remove all restrictions from homeschooling, and remove any restrictions from teaching Creation Science in public school classrooms

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    Throw a party and get more pets.

    Keep in mind I'm 14 and not born here...

    Felt like sharing a's about a president ;)

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    disclose the entities among us

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    i would remove all our soldiers from war zones, so they will not be killed and that they will still be with their families

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    Legalize it.

    You know.

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