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Music player for myspace?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

where do i find a code to make my music player smaller?

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    <a class="i" href="">

    MySpace PlayList Play List Music Player Skins Skin Code by Eileen</a>

    <a class="i" href="views-under-construction.blogsopt....

    MySpace PlayList Play List Music Player Skins Skin Code</a>

    <a class="i" href="">



    div[id*="mini"] {background-position:LEFT TOP; overflow:hidden; height:97px !important; width:294px !important;}

    table table div {width:294px !important; height:auto !important; overflow:hidden; background-position:LEFT 1px;

    position:relative; top:0px; z-index:9 !important;}

    table table td.text div, table table table div, div table table div, table div table div, div.clearfix.iii{width:auto !important; height:auto !important; position:static;}

    div[id*="mini"] object {height:121px;

    position:relative; top:-24px !important;

    left:0px !important; margin-bottom:-24px !important; opacity:1;}

    table table div object {_height:121px; _position:relative; _top:-24px !important;left:0px !important; _margin-bottom:-24px !important; filter:alpha(opacity=100)!important;}

    table table div object object {position:static;}

    table table td.text div object, table div table div object, table table table div object {_position:static !important; filter:none !important; ; _margin-bottom:0px; _height:auto !important;}

    .xii, .i, div[id*="tkn_trackingpixel"] {display:none;}


    <i class="i">

    End Code To Apply Music Player Skin</i>

    its for a playlist?

  • 4 years ago

    I'm lovely dissatisfied approximately the brand new song participant as good. I emailed purchaser offerings or some thing complaining approximately it haha. I attempted so as to add a music to my profile, went on there at present, and there have been like three I've under no circumstances obvious in my lifestyles. Too problematic for my liking. I agree, Tom must've left it, he is screwing up myspace giant time.

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