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Has anyone heard of Ozone BUX?

Can someone tell me about ozone bux?

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    ozone bux is a ptc site that is similar to neobux. you can rent referrals and as a standard member you can earn 0.01 per website you click. It is a new site so this is good because you don't have to pay to rent the referral and you can start getting direct referrals immediately. This is directly from the website.

    1) Free PIONEER Membership (during pre-launch)

    2) Free Inactive* rented referrals replacement

    3) NO BOTS only real referrals

    4) Bigger prices in jackpot

    5) Rent referrals at lower price :100 referrals at $30 (If available)

    6) Earns Up to $0.0150 per/Click(own click), and $0.0125 per/Click(ref click)

    7) Discount up to 15% on Re-renting the Referrals to the upgraded members.

    8) Three types of membership: Golden, Diamond and Platinum. With more and more benefits.

    this is my referral link,


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    nope but i have heard of trieyebux

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