How many college students are there in Los Angeles (ballpark)?

I'm trying to get a rough estimate of the total number of college students there are in the greater Los Angeles area. Some schools I would include on my list are UCLA, USC, CSUN, Pierce, CSULB, SMC...

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    Well, it depends on if you're only counting big name private schools, UCs, Cal States, and Community Colleges, or if you're including small, unaccredited institutions. If you include all, there are about 300,000 "colleges and universities" near LA, many of which have 2 or 3 students at a time (I was a curriculum developer for one that only granted Master's degrees in Public Administration, with an average of 5 students at a time). There's the Long Beach Bible College or the Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture colleges and things like that, but I will not count them.

    I'm going to include some of the "big" schools in LA County:



    Cal State LA

    Cal State Long Beach

    Cal State Dominguez Hills

    Cal State Northridge

    Cal Poly Pomona

    El Camino College

    Mt. San Antonio College

    Mt. Saint Mary's College

    Santa Monica College

    Long Beach City College

    Pierce College

    Occidental College

    LA Southwest College (I teach here)

    West LA College

    Loyola Marymount University

    LA Harbor College

    Pasadena City College

    Cal Tech

    I'll just stop there and low ball. Most of these schools have student populations between about 10,000 and 40,000, so let's just average it to 20,000 x 20 = 400,000. Its probably closer to 600,000 though. (According to the LA Community College District, there are 135,000 students in the Community Colleges alone, which doesn't include the bigger ones like Mt. SAC, Long Beach, and El Camino)

    So, realizing I didn't even include some popular colleges like Cal Design College, Otis, Pepperdine, National, Phoenix, and Antioch I think the actual number of people in some kind of institution that can call itself a college in LA is somewhere hovering around 1 million people.

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    Number Of Students In Lausd

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    go to and look up the total number of undergrad and graduate students and add them all together cuz im too lazy to do it for you.

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