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pregnancy confusion..poistive and negative test?

my last period ended on the 27th of february and i had sex on serveral occasions after that with my boyfriend. for some reason i got the feeling i wasnt pregnant so i took a home preg. test and it came back positive although the plus sign was faint it was clear that it was a positive so i took another one but it came back negative i went to a clinic and there test came back negtive. why did i get a positive at all in the first place and should i go to the doctors to get a blood test. or is it too soon tell or should i wait until i have missed a period which should be anyday now... but i am not getting any pre period sign. im confused and need help

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    If you got a positive on your first HPT, and negatives on all the others, I would think there is a better chance you are pregnant, but what you should do, is go to the doctor and have a blood test taken, they are 100% accurate, and can detect a low HCG hormone level, that some HPTs won't detect, then you will know for sure.

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    You could've had a chemical pregnancy, which is where no embryo develops. It's the most common type of early miscarriage, and the most unnoticed because most women never even have problems. Although, I would say if this did occur that you would've had at least some spotting or even what appeared to be an early period. If you've had 2 tests come up negative, I would say your not pregnant. However, if it were me I would 1.) Wait and see if I get my period on time, and if not, retest. 2.) If I got my period...great, but even if I don't, I would not only retest, and regardless of the answer I would ask my doc ASAP why the heck I would get 2 different results. Google chemical pregnancies.

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    It is more likely to get a false negative than a false positive. You should either wait a little longer or go to your doctor for a blood test. Not every woman's body has large enough levels of hormone to show on a pee test. I would take a blood test with the dr.

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    It's very, very, very, very, very rare for a pregnancy test to give you a false positive. Usually they give you a false negative.

    Go get a cheap pregnancy test from the drug store or dollar store (they work just as well as the expensive ones), wait until tomorrow morning, and try then. Don't drink a lot of water before you take the test.

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  • i took a test a few days before my missed period and that came back a faint possitive.i did one at the doctors and that came back they did a blood test and that showed up positve but showed that i was only you could wait untill your miss period or do a blood might be pregnant and its just to early to tell yet.but with you already having a positive result i would say you are pregnant..

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    the tests done this early you could get more negitives then positives. you need to wait until you miss your period. a false positive is very rare so most likely you are pregnant. good luck

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    if you went to a clinic and it came back negative, imma say you have nothing to worry about. they are way more advanced than these home test and sometimes you can get a false reading depending on whats goin on with your hormones but the clinic and the 2nd test said neg. than i would go with those.

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