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Tortoise Lights and Tables or Vivariums?

well i'm getting one this weekend and was fine with it untill now

all of a sudden i paniced and worried about what would happen if i didnt keep the light on long enough etc

any advise on the timings for the light, like how many hours of the day i should leave them on for it to survive

Also i have a tortoise table, but is a vivarium better??

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    Vivariums are a big NO NO......I really hope the guy that answered second reads this!!

    Vivariums do not help you to keep the heat right as all they do is make the whole of the vivarium the same temperature.

    Tortoises need to be able to get warm under their heat and light sources and then be able to wander around away from the heat and cool down when they want to.

    This is called THERMOREGULATION very important to a tortoise as not being able to do this can have a very dangerous affect long term to its Health .

    You may not think it does any harm for maybe 5-10 yeasr but eventually you will see that it is very bad for tortoise.

    A tortoise Table is PERFECT it allows for the heat to desperse but also allows for an area directly under the basking light to remain warm..ideal for a tortoise.

    Make sure the lights you are buying produce a good uv output if its a tube type it needs to be at least 10% uvb output.

    combined bulbs which give out uv light and heat are the best but still can not compete with the real sun !!

    even on a very cloudy uk day a tortoise would get far more uv light outdoors then under any one of the shop bought uv lights.

    Which is why having an outdoor secure enclosure is so important right from the very start.

    Ideally your outdoor enclosure should also have a heat source and a good weather proof shelter..besides making sure it is deffinatly 1005 escape proof...a healthy tortoise does not move slowly like many think...they can be very speedy when they want to be..and can escpe from viiew in just a coupe of minutes!!

    Make sure you are well prepared before you get your tortoise as you will have it to care for, for a very long time about 150 years is the average life span for a tortoise if it is cared for and fed correctly.

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    You need to keep the heat and full spectrum light on for most of the day but turn it off at night. I personally prefer a vivarium because you can control the heat better. The basking area needs to be around 85-95 degrees farenheit and the other end of the tank needs to be around 10 degrees cooler. In the summer they can go outside in the daytime, but only if they are over four years old. They need vitamins adding to thier food regularly preferably one that provides calcium as well. Ive kept tortoises for years so if you need more advice email me, ill be glad to help

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  • 1 decade ago

    I only no that tortoises shouldn't be kept in a vivarium because they are like ovens for them. Tables are a lot better.

    All the information will be on google.


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    Hi Vivariums are a bad idea stick to tortoise tables like these

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