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A question about getting hair thinned ?

I have kind of wavy hair and when i get layers in my hair it curls out and it looks horrible. I just want to know if this will happen if i get my hair thinned . how do the haidressers do it ?? what is the difference between getting layers and getting hair thinned . Will my my hair curl out like it did with the layers ??

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    My hair got thinned, it still curls out.

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    Layers is hair on top of hair. If you are worried about having your hair being too thick or poofy, then you shouldn't get a lot of layers. Thinning your hair may be a good idea, but the only issue with thinning your hair, is that when it starts to grow out, it may look really messy. It is kind of like getting your hair colored, once you do it, you have to keep doing it or wait for it to be over completely. I say, go to your hairdresser and ask what the best option for you would be. They are more qualified and know more about what to do in those situations.

    Source(s): My mom has really curly/wavy hair.
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    it's probably going to curl out a little. i have the same hairtype as you and right now it is layered and thinned out and in a medium/short shag. it it is actually straighter now then when it is in a bob or shoulder length. i don't really know the difference between layers and thinning though but i prefer my hair thinned out and layered because it dries faster and poofs less. i still need a straightner if i want it perfectly straight.

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    Your right about one thing...Your hair isflipping because its too heavy at the end of your layer...It needs to be thinned out so it can lie straight.

    Please dont do it your self at home. BUT if your going to, just take some shears, pick up a section of your hair, and lighty cut in to it....Dont take chunks out, your just lighty taking out some of the weight.

    If you can wait i would, and go in to the salon.

    Your hair wont flip as long as the wieght is removed.

    Hope this helped!

    Source(s): Pro Hairstylist.
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    well, i've thinned my hair alot of times, at the bottom of your hair they cut it shorter, but then use this thing (i dont know what it's called) to thin it all out. But the result looks really nice.

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    when you get layers they always thin ur hair out a bit

    and thinning they thin down all of ur hair

    yes getting your hair thinned will prbly lighten the curls

    but your hair will always be at least wavy


    Source(s): my sister is a hair stylist
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    just go to the salon and b4 u cut ur hair tell them what u can do to make it more straight and lighter then they'll tell u

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    thay use something that presses down and thins it, just like an eyelash roller.

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    count yourself lucky to have thick hair. mins is thin and i don't feel very feminine

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    use the razor alot

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