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Will Red Sox Win the World Series?(Opinion)?

I LOVE LOVE LOOOVE the Red Sox lol does anyone agree that they will Win the World Series

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    I am with you! Red Sox all the way!!

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    Every year they have a great team and this year is no different. But I think manny was a huge lost still on their offense. He just posed as such a threat and a guy who really helped out David ORtiz in my opinion. Ortiz finished last year with like a .264 batting avg. i think. Ortiz have really slipped under the radar over the last few seasons, he needs a .300+/40 homer year again if the Red Sox are to win the World Series.

    Pitching is great as always, Saito will prove to be a huge improvement. Saito/Okajima/Papelbon will be so deadly. Starters only need to go atleast 6 to provide a solid win.

    But still I just dont get that aura that the Sox will win. They are just mising that oompf. Something is missing and if I had to guess I would say power.

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    I can't tell you for sure, but they've probably got the best shot in the MLB.

    First off is shortstop. Jed Lowrie, in his first year ever as a pro, almost replaced Lugo. With his improvements, he'll be even better. And with his spot being challenged, Lugo will have improved. Plus, last season was a bad one for him. Either way, the shortstop position will be improved.

    Ellsbury, Lowrie, Lester, and Pedroia will all be getting much better. Expirence is key. These guys are all young and will only improve.

    A lot of Red Sox had off seasons last year. David Ortiz hit .268 with 23 homeruns. The year before he batted .332 with 35 homeruns. A 64 batting average point drop! He'll be the biggest improvment for the Sox. Next is Beckett. Josh went 12-10 with a 4.03 era and 172 strikeouts. In 2007 he went 20-7 with a 3.27 era and 194 strikeouts. Beckett will improve greatly. Another guy who had a bad year last year was Varitek. Compared to 2007, his 2008 homeruns stolen bases walks total bases, hits, and RBI's were below-average. He also had a below-average BA, OBP, SLG, and OPS.

    Last is the new additions. They acquired Saito, Ramirez, Penny, Smoltz and Baldelli, and all of them will really help them.

    The Red Sox are looking good for 09'. Tampa won't be able to keep up with the work they did last year. 2009 World Series Champions: BoSox

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    I too am a Red Sox fan and hope they do well this season, but realistically I don't think they will win the series. They have made some good offseason moves, but I just don't think these acquistions will be enough. They haven't significantly improved their pitching. Too many question marks with Smoltz and Penny. Why the hell are they keeping Wakefield. I know he has good numbers with the Sox, but he is a dinosaur, and not a clutch type of pitcher. They should have put up the money for Texeira. They lack that big bat ahead of Ortiz. I really don't see any major improvements over last year.

    Only time will tell how they do this season, but I think the Yankees will be better than last season, and the Rays and Jays will be in the thick of things. If they do win their division the American League West will provide more competition than it did last year. Us Boston fans need to worry about them winning their division, and then the pennant before we start talking World Series.

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    I love my Red Sox too. I think they can do it. They have decent pitching and decent hitting. Go Red Sox!

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    I hope not but they've got a good team and it's very possible. Again , it's tough to pick a WS winner in March. Fans are always going to feel like their team is going to win but in reality a lot of things can happen between now and October. All these questions asking " is _____ going to win the world series ? " are nothing but grounds for haters to bash and fans to dream.

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    A Red Sox championship in 2009 would be a good thing, both on its own obvious merits, and for how painfully it would stick in the craw ("three titles in six seasons") of certain blocs of opposing fans bereft of a championship of their own this millennium.

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    Go Sox!

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    it's not the red sox year.

    personally i think the phillies are gunna repeat. the red sox have too many injuries already that are gunna plague them all year.

    the yankees wont get to the world series either. they will choke.

    and im a red sox fan

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    The red sox have a chanch but so do the rays and yankees

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